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  • Regarding that other case of bad quality control, the retailer, HobbyLinkJapan, has said they will replace it, but are asking that we mail it back at their expense. Unfortunately they’re in Japan, obviously, so this will be a bit of a long process, but I’m hopeful that it will turn out better than the last fiasco.
  • FigureoftheDay.com has the full set of DC Direct’s Brightest Day series 3 for $55, with free shipping. Included are Aqualad, Jade, Hawk, and Dove.
  • NECA has been posting quite a bit about their new Rocky line (preorder at UrbanCollectibles). I have to admit the figures look pretty good, though I’m curious about the hip articulation (if there is any). Is anyone really excited for these figures? JAKKS‘s Rocky line a few years back seemed to do pretty well. The real question, however, is whether NECA will give us a Clubber Lang and/or a Meat figure. (Though personally, what I really want is a 6″, super-articulated, regular Mr. T figure.)
  • I was pondering a possible new entry for “Identify the Toy,” but decided I just didn’t have enough information for anyone to go on. I did a little searching myself, though, and to my utter shock, after three days I actually found the thing for a cheap price on eBay. Once it arrives, I’ll post the whole story here. In the meantime, I’m thinking that rather than simply using the “Identify the Toy” feature for actually helping people identify toys, it would be fun to have people take a photo of a toy, or rather a part of a toy, and then other people have to guess what toy it is. So, let’s get that going! Take a nice macro photo of an obscure toy, or part of your favorite toy, and email it to poe@poeghostal.com. I’ll post it and people can try to guess what it is. Hooray for crowdsourcing!
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  1. Fakeeyes22

    I really like the body sculpts of the Rocky figures, but I can’t recall the Stallone head right now. I do remember seeing a mouth guard on Apollo’s head sculpt, which often seems forgotten on sports themes figures.

    As long as the legs have enough motion so they can stand in different ways that a boxer would, that’s probably fine. Sacrificing extreme motion for the sculpt may have been the best way to go.

    I really didn’t like the Jakk’s bodies. Or body, I should say, as it seemed like the same mutant body that most of their wrestlers also shared.

  2. Mark

    I don't like the NECA Rocky face sculpts. The variant clean Rocky face is the worst, nothing like Stallone…the bloodied one is a bit better but when I look at it, there is no real resemblance to Rocky.
    The Apollo Creed is okay but I preer the Jakks sculpts.

  3. misterbigbo

    Oh, and as for shipping to and from Japan, I have found EMS t ship faster than UPS. One item I bought arrived in fewer than three days from Osaka to MA.

  4. misterbigbo

    I’ll definitely be submitting a picture or twelve! Can’t wait, but I hope they’re not too obscure.

  5. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    The ID the toy could be used to find the figure an accessory belongs to…
    Like taking a picture of say that orange swirly thing that you have there and locate the figure it belongs to… That's from Sewer Surfing Mikey, right?

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