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Pogo 2.0


Poe’s Bad QC Luck Continues


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  1. Dark Angel

    I loved the Pogo. Absolutely loved it. Freely admit it was goddamn ridiculous, but still. Pic made my day!

  2. Hey, thanks! More photos here, including one of Ghost Rider inside the ricksha:

    And Southzen nailed it. I couldn't think of a title, and then I remembered the ridiculous Pogo…

  3. I understand not wanting to alter the cart, since it's clearly hand painted, but I'd be sorely tempted to slap on a Cobra logo somewhere.

  4. The Pogo (which if it hasn't been inducted into the Crappy Figure Brigade already it will be one day) was a really goofy bubble space pod with giant pogo stick legs for Cobra; what Monte has here is a brilliant improvement.

  5. Is this a reference to something…? It looked like a reference to something, but I had no idea what when I chose it.

  6. Dark Angel


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