Pic of the Day > SDCC 2011 Voltron by Space★Pirate

SDCC 2011 Voltron


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  1. Anyone know if Mattel's ever going to have any retail Voltron,either from the original show or the new one?
    I'm skipping the Matty Collector thing,and I have a vinyl lion Voltron,but I'd kind of like one that seperates and has the sword and whatnot.

    • De-Man

      They are going to do toys based on the new show available at retail. No release dates have been announced as far as I know.

  2. Mecha-Shiva

    Sneaking off voltron off the castle is easier combined than single lions!Love the toy,only flaw is that his hips scrape if you bend it forward when they arent staright forward.

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