Wind Raider review addendum – missing guns

It’s been brought to my attention that my Wind Raider is in fact incomplete–there should be two guns on the underside of the ship, to the right and left of the center front wheel. You can see the little divots where they’re supposed to be attached. You can see them on Michael Crawford’s review pics.

I don’t know if they were supposed to come attached and someone at the factory just forgot them, or if they were supposed to be loose in the box–but there’s no sign of them.

I’ll be requesting a replacement–this error bugs me a lot more than the Swift Wind one.


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  2. The guns are supposed to arrive attached to the vehicle. I hadn't even noticed them until now.

    I'm sorry to see yours is goofed, especially after you glowing review which the toy otherwise deserves. That's a crummy payback after handling Swiftwind so well.

    I saw someone out there had a missing anchor, which is equally irritating.

    What's really frustrating is how I bet you'd be fine if those tiny pieces were mailed your way, but instead it's a more time consuming and complicated process.

  3. Ridureyu

    I wonder what the next major mistake will be!

    "I ordered Dragon-Man, but all that was in the mailer were venomous spiders."

  4. Fangs chewing

    I can't wait till April when my IE sub arrives so I can open my box and get my Möbius Chair (Metron not included).

  5. Braystreet

    Mattel should be absolutely ashamed of themselves over this. You drop more than half a c-note on something with less than twelve parts in the box, and they can’t even include all of them.

    I’m deeply apologetic to any folks that suffer from this latest mistake.

  6. The_Fun_has_been_Dou

    Y' know… That completely sucks! You should request a replacement. Not cool Mattel, not cool at all…

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