Wind Raider Update > Mattel: No Replacement Wind Raider

When we last left our heroes, they had been asked to return the gun-less Wind Raider–in as annoying a fashion as possible–and then call to confirm the pick-up. After that, they were told, the Escalation Department would contact them within seventy-two hours to confirm the shipping of the replacement.

After confirming the pick-up, there were no emails or any communication whatsoever for three business days. Finally, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal calls Mattel’s customer service, who inform her there are no more Wind Raiders and that they had already(!) processed a refund for for the order for $47.20.

“How much?” asked DMG, noting a distinct problem with that sum.

“Hold on,” said the woman. A minute passes. “OK, I’ve set up a second refund for an additional $11.75.” For the shipping, you see.

Wow. Just…wow.

So. No Wind Raider for me, evidently. Bear in mind, had I known this was how it would turn out, I might have kept the gun-less one in the first place. Now I have a refund, but no Wind Raider.



What is going on with MOTUC? (Updated)


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  1. Wait, they manufactured a product more complex than most that they've made thus far, and they made NONE for customer service?


  2. nytetrayn

    None of my tips ever get used, but it would make my day to see this brought to light on there, this is a pretty slimy way for them to handle things.

  3. Magneto76

    Sorry to hear about your trouble with Good ole' Matty and DR….It's like I said before I've had to get on them for the shipping charge each time. What gives them the right to "not notice" the charge. I hope you get yourself a Fresh WR with guns really soon!!! BTW- after I read about the missing guns I finally got home from the hospital and checked mine and I have them. who knew…Keep us poe-sted on your WR 😉

  4. Ridureyu

    I'm surprised they gave the refund. At the rate they're going, I expected them to double-charge you.

  5. Wow… just wow. That makes me sick. What piss poor customer service that is. I hope DMG was able to get you one at a reasonable price, or maybe take that poster up on their offer, but regardless its hard to overlook that.

  6. Poe, I feel for you an all MOTUC collectors. I can look from the outside and just shake my head at the continual screw ups and poor treatment you guys receive at the hands of Matty. It's shameful.

  7. @AJ86 As soon as I read about the delays I totally started thinking they would do a big announcement to save face. Hopefully Mek-a-Nek.

  8. AJ86

    Wow. That is terrible.

    I can't believe that Mattel is allowing/instructing Digital River to require customers to return their faulty purchases for replacement and then subsequently notifying those customers that there will be no replacement offered! It seems like it is time for Mattel to yet again reveal a few new "bios" to distract everyone's attention from the current rotten state of Mattel.

  9. Lay Ze-Man

    What a load of horseshit.

  10. Wow, thats a new low for Matty. Maybe you should ask a few tough questions on their next Q&A.

  11. toyman

    Late arrivals on figures I can handle. A couple items in the sub that I'm not crazy about, not a big deal. Items not included in the subs that make me brave the WSOD, crappy but manageable. Take your time, charge what you want, just make sure I get it eventually and it's not busted. But this……this would make me blow my stack. They send an incomplete product that you won't be able to exchange since they're sold out, and then offer a refund full well knowing that you won't be able to purchase one anywhere for it's original price. It's almost like a joke – they don't want our business, they just get their rocks off by fucking us over.

    Sorry Poe. Hope the Mrs. scored you another one somehow.

  12. Wow! This is unbelievable!!! Matty and DR have lost the plot!

    Sorry to read this Poe. I'm amazed that they have treated you – the owner of such an influential action figure site – with such disdain and disregard. Matty may think it's unimportant, but these sorts of actions have an impact on me… makes me want to avoid Matty altogether!

    Seriously, I'm staggered. They've already destroyed the Ghostbusters line with apathy and arrogance. If they're not careful MOTUC will follow suit!

    • Well, first off, it’s not like the customer service people even know who I am, and besides, it was my wife dealing with them, since she bought the toy.

      Second, even if they did know who I was (and even if I did think I had an “influential action figure site”), I wouldn\’t want any preferential treatment. Everyone should get quality service.

    • Allow me to clarify… I think my statement may have been misinterpreted!

      First, I wasn't suggesting customer service knew who you (or your wife) were! So, obviously, that's not the point I'm making! Second, I agree… no one should get "preferential treatment" and, again, I wasn't suggesting you should either!

      The point I was making (aside from expressing my disbelief and sympathy) was that I'm amazed how badly you were treated! That's the crime! Sure they don't know who you are, but that's irrelevant. They should've treated you better (just like everyone else). But here's the thing (my second point)… as it happens you also own this site. A site I personally visit daily for toy news. YOU DO own an influential website. IT HAS given me another reason to avoid Matty. YOU HAVE made an impact on (at the very least) my mind. THEY HAVE, through their actions, alienated themselves from their customers again. Your site HAS raised awareness of this fact!

      Like they say, 'be careful what you say to people… you never know who's listening'. I would never have known about this, if not for this site. It has come back to bite them. But don't worry, there are plenty of other sites out there with people who have similar complaints about Mattel like yours.

      That was my point 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind comments, Robzy.

      I only wish I'd thought to record the conversations with customer service. Interestingly enough, my wife thought the regular customer service people were quite nice, and it was the Escalation Dept. employee–the one who was definitely an American Digital River employee–who acted like an arrogant jerk.

  13. Jonathan

    Hey Poe,

    My husband and I are big fans of the blog! Very sorry to hear about your Windraider drama… we've had our issues with Mattel too… gotta break a few eggs eh (though they've been breakin' em left and right lately haven't they). Anyway, we're in the business of buying and selling toys, we did order a few Windraiders, if you'd like one at it's original price, we'd be happy to sell it to you, and we're semi-local so we could get it to you in person or at least save you some on the shipping.

    Feel free to get back to us if you're interested!

    • Hi Jonathan–I appreciate the offer! But I'm pretty sure Dr. Mrs. Ghostal has already gone and got me another one from somewhere (it was an Xmas gift, so she was pretty mad about the whole thing). If not, though, I'll be sure to let you know–thanks again!

  14. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Issues like this, Swift Wind, Demo-Man or the whole First half of MOTU's 30th delay show are going to rub some customers the wrong way. Somehow it will be our fault if the line ends…


    What a complete clusterfuck.

    Their incompetence and complete lack of consistency is the absolute shits. What kind of contract has Mattel foolishly bound themself to that allows the blatant mishandling by DR to continue while they just sit back and let customers get hosed in every way possible? Or are all these shenanigans dictated by Mattel??

    All I know is this constant screwfest is going to solidify the end of lines Mattel sells via Mattycollector to happen alot sooner than later.

  16. GlobalDominationMachine

    Unreal. It really seems like Mattel will dick up anything they can if given the chance. Complete and utter idiocy over there.

  17. I would explode in anger. Absolutely explode. I know Matty won't do anything about it, but the internet needs to make the biggest stink about this! Remember that story about the PS3 controller from a couple weeks ago? This needs to reach those levels!

    • clark

      I'm just curious, and I promise I'm not trying to be cute or funny (because from your statement it seems like I should know what you're talking about), but what is the PS3 controller story?

      Oh, and let me not forget…sorry, Poe. Very frustrating and I hope Dr. Mrs. Ghostal was able to get you another one for a fair price.

    • Here you go. And thanks for your support!

    • Enigma_2099

      Ohhh ho ho… I remember this… I'm not much of a Penny Arcade fan anymore, but that was just beautiful!

  18. Nik

    Wow. That sucks. I almost hope GB line just ends soon so I can stop dealing with Mattel all together. THey don;t deserve anyones business. Whatever contract they have with Digital River needs to be torn up.

  19. In before morons start defending Mattel and saying we have to support the line so it doesn't die.

    • Enigma_2099

      Hey, I don't agree with them defending such shoddy customer service either, but that's kinda harsh, dude.

  20. Dark Angel

    Jiminy fucksticks! I'm really sorry, Poe! Also, wow, blatant lie since we know the second runs are produced concurrently for the "re-releases".

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