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Photos: TNI, Mattycollector

The general consensus in this thread at seems to be this was a disappointing set of reveals.

Spikor – Looks very similar to vintage figure; some think his head is too big. Comes with his mace and an interchangeable hand/trident.

Snake Man-At-Arms – Appears now to be some sort of Frankensteinian creation with parts from Roboto and Trap-Jaw. Most people seem to think he looks even worse, and I have to agree–he’s like some cobbled-together custom. Terrible figure, even if he does end up coming with the arm-cannon (a sculpted version of which can be seen on the Mattycollector pics page, along with a sculpted pair of Keldor swords).

Generic Snake Men Army Builder 2-Pack – They look great, and everyone agrees they do. We need more of this and less of Snake Man At Arms.

Frosta – I was never a POP fan, so I’m already disposed to be indifferent toward this figure, but POP fans appear to be going ape-poopie over her face, which they think looks terrible. Some of that may be due to the hand-painting of the prototype. The sculpt and paint makes it look very cartoonish to me (not necessarily Filmation, though), with too much eyeliner, but I just don’t like the character enough to get worked up about it.

Sir Laser-Lot – Hoo boy. This is Geoff Johns’s 30th Anniversary figure, and most people seem very unhappy with him as well. I think he looks kind of neat–certainly better than Spector–though he is a bit too blue. He looks very much like a Filmation character. The fan dislike for this figure and Spector and their fondness for Draego-Man adds credence to my idea that MOTUC fans greatly prefer the fantasy over the science fiction elements of MOTU.* Still, unlike Spector, I think if Sir Laser Lot had been part of the vintage line, nostalgia would have made him as popular as most any other character. And I reject the idea that his name is bad–Clawful, Two-Bad, and Ninjor are just as bad or worse.

The Griffin has also been cleaned up paint-wise and looks much better.

Here’s the release info:

Masters of the Universe® Classics at

  • Temple of Darkness Sorceress®: Available at NYCC, Power Con and on in late 2012
  • Fisto™: Available 2/15 only at
  • Shadow Weaver™: Available 2/15 only to subscribers of 2012 Club Eternia®
  • Kobra Kahn™: Available 3/15 at
  • Thunder Punch™ He-Man®: Available 4/16 at, includes Issue 1 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!
  • Stinkor®: Available 5/15 at
  • Snake Mountain™ Stands: Available 5/15 at
  • Slush Head™: Available 5/15 at
  • Griffin: Available 6/15 at (note revised avail date)
  • Horde Prime: Available 6/15 at
  • Snake Man-at-Arms®: Available 6/15 at, includes Issue 2 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!
  • Spikor™: Available 7/16 at
  • Snake Men™ 2-Pack: Available 7/16 at
  • Frosta™: Available 9/15 at (NOTE: Frosta is running late so there will be no August 2012 Club Eternia® “basic” figure. Instead, much like February, there will be two figures in September. The second September figure will be revealed at a later date.

MOTU 30th Anniversary Series at

  • Draego-Man™: Available 4/16 only at
  • The Mighty Spector™: Available 5/15 only at (note revised avail date)
  • Sir Laser Lot: Available 8/15 only at

*My other bits of evidence for this include the inability of any non-Seventh Kingdom property to come even close to winning the Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive votes, which are generally voted upon by people who found the Horsemen’s site via MOTU. Eventually they removed it from the vote, at which point the next-most fantasy-like property, Gothitropolis, won. In addition, there is fans’ general dislike or indifference to New Adventures characters like Icarius and Optikk, the latter of whom actually seemed more popular with non-fans.


Toy Fair 2012 Updates, Part II


Pic of the Day > this thing I saw! how can I describe it? A monstrous tripod, higher than many houses. by Johnson Cameraface, on Flickr


  1. caaarrrllll

    Spikor: This looks great, and is exactly what everyone asked for.

    SMAA: This looks better, and is exactly what everyone asked Mattel to do, a semi 200x version for those who want to swap a MAA head.

    Snake Men 2-pack: Looks great, it is what everyone asked for in Snake Men. Rattlor and the others who use the mold will be other colors.

    Laser-Lot: Wow, horrible, needs more different colors. Too plain/boring head. I could see myself buying this guy for a custom or something for $5 tops. But then again it's from Geoff Johns who isn't exactly the most original guy in the world. I mean he got "famous" for simply re-doing old 60s-70s stories~ badly! His big move is to bring dead, boring characters back to life, so they can continue to be boring. Big surprise he makes a boring figure. The real surprise is that it's not rainbow colored, or a redo of an old MOTU character!

    Frosta: Looks great and is what everyone asked for. Obviously this and LaserLot were rushed for the show to "make up" for all the bad press Matty has had over the last few weeks especially. The head looks fine. It's a paint issue, and a very slight one at that, and it's really just complaining to complain beyond that (which MOTU fans are good at it seems)

    200x Sword & MAA cannon: This looks great and is what everyone is asking for. Shown to further placate the angry masses.

    So 5 out of 6 of what you asked for is not bad. It won't make me or others forget all the problems with the line (that STILL aren't fixed) which I think has a lot to do with all the complaining. And Spektor is still horrible and is still obviously Deadpool. There's no way TG made that up years before, if you disagree, it's time to get clean from the drugs.

    I watched that thread as the reveals came and wow. I can't believe that in just under two years that site went from lips planted firmly to Mattel's butt, to such vitriol and hate. And even when the ORGers get what they want, they still hate. Everyone so worked up over Frosta's paint. It's almost like the whole site reverted 30 years into the past to their 5-year old selves! But then again, the Matty burn still stings, and their latest news of more delays is even more ridiculous. And I would be angry too if I signed up for the 30th sub, Spektor and Laser-Lot is $60 completely down the drain.

  2. Mysterious Stranger

    After seeing Photog, Spector and Laser Lot all together I think I'm starting to see a theme. These 30th figures look like a MOTU version of a superhero team. You've got Photog who is the techie/smart one, Spector as the mysterious one, Laser Lot as the leader and Draegoman as the monster/strong guy. Laser Lot definitely has that superhero feel with the cape. Just a thought I had while perusing the Toy Fair pics.

    • caaarrrllll

      Interesting. Draego-Man is an evil character though… i think all of these would have gone down better if they were evil or monsters, as long time MOTU fans seem to be fans of the bad guys more than the good guys. Even in the 90s, when no one cared about MOTU, the bad guys were always a little more expensive on the secondary market.

  3. Looks like the 4H have confirmed that Frosta's paint job was rushed to get her to the show in time and the final paint job will be better. I think the sculpt itself is great, but the eyes could be a little tighter.

  4. toyman

    I still think Snake MAA is worthless but I love Spikor and Frosta, and I think Sir Laser-Lot is kinda cool too, although I agree he needs less blue. Not getting all the hate on Frosta's face…..I'm diggin it, very unique.

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    I don't really get all the hate for Snake Man-At-Arms. Aside from the not wanting him to begin with I think they've done a good job trying to answer fans complaints. When we first saw him he was just a regular Man-At-Arms with a snake man head. Now they've given him some different arms and legs and a few additional accessories that people have asked for and still he's a shitty figure. I don't get it. Personally I think if they were going to use different arms and legs I'd have opted for King Hssss limbs as they fit the snake theme of the figure better. But the Trap-Jaw limbs work for MAA just as well. In fact I think I'll be picking up an extra of this guy to customize a more armored up MAA.

    • I would still much rather have a green minicomic Trap Jaw than Snake MAA. And heck, he'd be even cheaper to produce!

    • Mysterious Stranger

      See that's the thing. I can understand the anger at the character selection. But take that out of the equation and I have to ask… is Snake Man-At-Arms really that horrible of a figure?

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