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Real Name: Moleb the Demolisher

An Eternian giant in service to Hordak, Megator led Hordak’s troops in battle during the Great Wars. He was recruited to help booster the Horde’s ranks after Tytus and several other giants from the Mountains of Perpetua allied themselves with King Grayskull. Megator was killed during the First Ultimate Battleground, caught in the iron jaws of Central Tower when the Three Towers were enchanted to sink into Sub-Ternia. His remains were discovered millennia later by King Hssss who magically reanimated him into a mindless zombie. He served King Hssss and fought against Hordak and the Masters of the Universe in the Second Ultimate Battleground – once again dying on the battlefield.

Not a whole lot to comment on here. We don’t really get a lot of back story to Megator, other than he was an “Eternian giant in service to Hordak.” The story of his reanimation explains the extra zombie head that came with the Megator toy, and allows Megator to exist in the “current” time period of He-Man.

I would have liked more on Megator’s origin, and perhaps his powers or abilities (if he has any other than “giant-strength”), but apparently it was more important to tell the MOTUC story.

I find it interesting when they give characters whose names are already fairly normal-sounding a “real name.” It’s not like he had a codename, like Buzz-Off or Trap Jaw. “Megator” doesn’t mean anything. And “Moleb the Demolisher” sounds like a wrestler with some sort of Old Testament gimmick.


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  1. Ridureyu

    MOLEB THE DEMOLISHER sounds kind of awesome. Somebody needs to make an Ancient ISrael custom version of this dude.

  2. dayraven

    damned babylonians…

    i went back and read all the "director commentaries" from scott the other night, and came to two conclusions: he doesn't know what the world "biography" means, and he's way too impressed w/ his own mediocre efforts.

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