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  • Joe Amaro has posted an incredibly cool custom MOTUC toy, the “Manta Raider,” based on an art piece by the incredible Rudy Obrero, who did much of the vintage MOTU art as well as the recent Wind Raider box. Let’s all “thank” Joe for continually making and showing off awesome MOTUC stuff we’ll never own.
  • Although if Mattel had any brains, they’d include this Manta Raider with one of the 30th Anniversary figures.
  • Does anyone else wish this year’s sub pack-in had been a poster of the Wind Raider box art instead of the Preternia map?
  • It looks like Thundercats will be back sooner than anyone expected – namely, March 24, when the second season begins. Hooray!
  • BigBadToyStore now has the 2012 Ninja Turtles and Hobbit stuff for preorder.
  • I’ve been upping the number of guest reviews lately. As of right now I can’t really remunerate anyone for them (aside from plugs and publicity), but if you’re interested in writing a guest review of anything (but particularly of the new Marvel Legends 6″ stuff) shoot me an email.


Hasbro’s Statement on the Fun Publications Credit Card Incident


Pic of the Day > Tribots Mob-L by Poe Ghostal



    The Manta Raider is without question an awesome vehicle that I’d gladly welcome into my collection. This in a “2 pk” with a figure at a $30 (or the new $33) pricepoint would kick some major ass. A He-Man would be OK but this could be a cool way to put out another Royal Guard, maybe with a specialized armor/color combo to his rank or affiliation to this specialist group. Think the difference between Cobra Troops, Cobra Officers and then the elite Crimson Guards. It could be a more Filmation-looking Guard.

  2. dayraven

    that manta raider looks great. not so detailed as to become a huge hassle to manufacture, but not to simple as to look shoddy or cheap… it reminds me a lot of the hoverboard thing that TB hulk buster iron man came w/. which is to say way cooler than the BttF hoverboard.

    it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but i certainly think it has its audience.

  3. griffen112182

    Hey Poe were is the background pic for your site, as in the big picture of you avatar that is set so it looks like packaging art. It isn't affecting your site but it has been missing for a couple of days now and your site looks a little off with out it. I think the day it first diisappeared was when you changed the links at the top of your site with the one listed as "Unpegged". It maybe that it got lost in the shuffle when you made the changes to your site and of course recreated your "Poe Unpegged" site.

    No need to reply just giving you a heads up.

    • This has been happening off and on, due, I think, to the plugin I'm using to show pics from my Flickr group in the sidebar. However, I just checked on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, and they all looked okay. Are you using Safari or Opera?

    • griffen112182

      I am using Internet Explorer. It doesn't really matter though since I can still see and read the articles. It might just be a matter of you adjusting the code down the road, but for know it is not a big deal.

  4. that manta raider is so great !

  5. Mecha-Shiva

    Oh great…LION-O Learns Life lessons the series…continues.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    Wait, did I just have a comment deleted?

  7. Yeah; I'm glad to hear about the show coming back.

    Now if Ban Dai will just show some new figures…

  8. I was happy to learn of ThunderCats' return. I was getting worried about it with virtually no news either on the show front or the toy front.

  9. Dead Man Walking

    It's cool that Joe and Ruby collaborated, and I LOVE a lot of Joe's customs. But I can't help but feel the manta raider design is pretty uninspired. Maybe I just feel that way because I own the awesome Captain Nemo manta craft that Mezco put out years ago.

    • I really like it myself. It's a simple design that fits in well with the MOTUC aesthetic, and looks exactly like one of those cheaper accessory packs the vintage line offered.

    • Reverend Ender

      Agreed. Doesn't do too much for me. That Nemo Manta, now that was something. Wish I had me one o those.

  10. Okay fine…I'll work on a new project that I can make casts so I can offer them to you 😉

  11. Ben

    THUNDERCATS IS BACK…on Saturday mornings. I really, really don't think this will help in the ratings at all, although I guess it's possible more kids will see it and possibly support the toy line.

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