Quick Review > Blinky the Red Ghost PVC (Pac-Man, Coleco, 1982)

There seems to have been an abundance of Pac-Man-related toys when I was a wee tyke, circa 1982, and for whatever reason I owned a few of them. The oldest toy I still own from my childhood – the one that’s still the original, that I’ve never had to buy a replacement of on eBay – is a wind-up Pac-Man by Coleco.

I also had this guy, a PVC ghost from Pac-Man, part of a whole line of PVC figures also by Coleco. I believe they predated the cartoon series; they’re certainly not based on it. Nor is he based on the actual game ghost – he’s just some sort of cartoonish interpretation of it. My fondness for this piece isn’t based on nostalgia for Pac-Man, though; it’s just a nice, solid, fun little PVC I owned as a kid, and a nice desk tchotchke.

Although it doesn’t say it on the front of the package, he’s apparently known as “Blinky the Red Ghost” – maybe it says that on the cross-sell on the back. Believe it or not, there doesn’t appear to be a website out there that has cataloged this toy line in detail. The closest thing I could find was this.

So apparently Pac-Man was huge in the early ’80s. It’s easy to forget that, since Mario more or less wiped Pac-Man off the map a few years later.

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  1. I had this one – I vividly remember being at K-Mart with a friend and his mom. She said she'd buy us each a toy (I'm sure there was more to the story, like 'under 4 dollars' or something.) Anyways, my pal picked out Zuckuss from the Empire Strikes Back line and I grabbed Blinky.

    I got a bit of a teasing about choosing a Pac-Man ghost over a Star Wars figure, but it was totally worth it. Wish I still had Blinky now.

  2. Awesome! I just pulled this guy out of an old box of Smurfs I dug out for the kid a little while ago.

    Oddly enough, we had this guy and Ms. Pacman in a wedding dress. That's it' No Pac-Man that I can remembers. I've still got the Donkey Kong, though. Love that one.

  3. Ron

    These are awesome! I've got Pac Man Angel and Ms. Pac Man, no ghosts though.

  4. Barbecue17

    Well, there was a song called "Pac-Man Fever" by a group called Buckner & Garcia, so I think it was safe to say America had Pac-Man fever. Besides, Weird Al also did a Pac-Man parody song, so you know Pac-Man was a big deal!

    • I had that on tape as a kid. And yet, I don't think I heard Zeppelin until I went to college…

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