S.H. MonsterArts & Ultra-Act Expand with King Ghidorah, Red King

Before we go further, I’d like to issue my usual reminder that this is my blog and sometimes I’m going to post about stuff that I like, but I realize may not be of interest to all/most Poesters.

So Tamashii, whose relationship to Bandai I’ve never quite sussed out by they seem to be some sort of Japanese corporate arm or subsidiary of them, is having its third annual “Tamashii Features” even in which they reveal a lot of the new products for the coming year. Three items caught my attention. Here they are, in order of least to most interest:

Super Robot Chogokin Daizujin

This is Super Robot Chogokin Daizujin, a super-articulated version of what many of you may know better as the Dino Megazord from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I never watched the show, but I’m guessing some of you did.

He’ll stand about 5.5 inches tall. My question: where the hell do I get some of those awesome little buildings?

Ultra-Act Red King

Next up we have the monster Red King from the Ultra-Act line, a line of 6″ super-articulated action figures based on my newest newfound love, Utraman. Red King is one of Ultraman’s signature foes, and this monster has been long-awaited by UA collectors. (For the record, I have no idea why he’s called “Red King,” given that there’s not a mark of red on him.) The question is when he’ll actually hit stores. Some UA figures that were revealed as long as two years ago have yet to be released.

And finally, the one I’m most excited about:

S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah from 1991’s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah for the super-articulated S.H. MonsterArts line. This is the first time we’ve seen the gravity beams, but what really appeals to me is the sheer massiveness of the figure. He’s probably going to cost in the realm of $100, but there is no way I’m passing on this thing.

UPDATE: King Ghidorah will be released in September 2012 with a price of 10290 yen (about $125).


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  1. Well….. there goes any money I was saving….. I really need a second job or a better first one

  2. Justin

    Nice write up Poe! Red King was honestly a surprise and a fantastic one at that! Word on that he’ll cost around 4200 yen and he’ll be released in August.

  3. Dead Man Walking

    Red King looks like "Ribbed-for-her-pleasure Godzilla."

  4. Newton Gimmick

    I'm all over that Red King. I love that pineapple/corncobb SOB. He was supposed to be a chief rival of Redman (Ultraman's early script name or something) and then when Ultraman became Ultraman, they kept Red King's name as Red King. Granted that doesn't really explain why he's not red, but that's the story anyway.

    I'll also probably pick up KG.

    • A recent G-Fan article I was reading claimed his design was inspired by Brancusi's Column of the Infinite. No idea how much truth there is to that, but he definitely has a distinctive look.

      Given that I own Gomora, Baltan II and First Ultraman, I'm down for Red King. Did you see we're also getting a revamped First Ultraman with the Zoffy body?

  5. ridureyu

    Man, that Ghidorah… just… man, my finances.

    I wish there were more figurs of some of the odder Ultraman figures, like the nearly-lovecraftian Kutuura,

  6. turk4186

    holy shit i want that dino mega zord baaaaad!

  7. The Big R

    Poe, if you're looking for buildings for your MonsterArts, try the N-Scale 1:150 buildings from Tomix. They should be about right for the Bandai vinyls and the SH MonsterArts stuff.

  8. Mecha-Shiva

    Jebus, the prices on these toys ,are we paying more for the license for Godzilla?Man I love Redking ,he's the baddest corncob monster evar!

  9. Monkey boy

    A clear stand to hold up the blast effects? That’s a bit much.

  10. Poe, there's a collectible miniatures game called Monsterpocalypse that has some pretty snazzy building minis. They're pretty small scale, but I suspect they'd look pretty sharp with an SH Godzilla…

  11. JeffS

    Can't wait until they get to Megalon (http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Megalon). Always loved that monster (and the movie) as a kid.

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