DC Comics Launches New Masters of the Universe Comic

Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

The basics: it will be a six-issue miniseries written by James Robinson, with pencils by Phillip Tan and inks from Ruy Jose. For the full scoop, including an interview with James Robinson, visit MTV Geek.

I want to say I called this years ago when DC and Mattel joined forces for DCUC and the like, but I had set it aside when Dark Horse produced this year’s minicomics. Apparently that didn’t matter, and after thirty years, MOTU has returned to DC Comics. The 1980s DC is remains my favorite MOTU-related media of all time, so I’m curious to see whether this new series can match it.

The question is, does DC really think it can get away with not giving us a rematch for He-Man and Superman? A one-shot is all I ask.

Anyway, in short: great news. Also: man, the things you miss when you leave your computer for an hour to commute home. But why would MTV Geek release this at the end of the day, instead of the morning so that the blogs/Twitter/Facebook can discuss it all day? Internet usage plummets over the weekend.


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  1. MegaGearMax

    He can.

    "The DC comics will be a completely different all new cannon much as the bios are. DC is free to use any MOTU character including any of the new 2012 figures like Draego Man. Personally I couldn't be more excited!"

  2. MegaGearMax

    Scott confirmed that this is all James Robinson's story and has nothing to do with the MOTUC bios. DC = IN James Robinson's CANON™.

    • What I'm wondering is whether he has access to every character from MOTU history, toy and otherwise – i.e, can he throw in Chief Carnivus or Vikor or Draego-Man if he wants to?

  3. MegaGearMax

    The guy who wrote the article wasn't the normal guy who does the MOTUC reviews. The normal guy was away when the news and interview came through, so another person on the MTGeek staff had to do the interview instead. And yes, the writer isn't as big of a MOTU fan as the normal guy.

    • carl

      Thanks MGM for confirming this while I was confirming this. I just asked one of my friends at MTV (an editor) the exact same thing. The guy doing the writing is well-known by MTVGeek and their online division as a "complete smart ass" when it comes to things he doesn't like, one of which seems to be certain comic companies. And yes, many of the Geek staff think of He-man as a Gay Icon and many poke fun with it as much as they can. (PS, several of the editors at MTV are fans of MOTU and love it to death, just are not collectors.)

  4. Thomas b

    This could be good and fills a sword and sorcery void bit yet filled in dc’s new lineup of books.

    • MegaGearMax

      Demon Knights and Wonder Woman kick much ass.

  5. carl

    James Robinson writing this is a great idea. When let loose, he is really great. MOTU is perfect world for him to go crazy with it… Hopefully DiDio, Lee, and Johns won't touch this with their icky sticks.

  6. yeah, i did get vibes that the person was being cavalier about the interview.

  7. I got excited for like half a second and then I realized James Robinson is writing it. I liked the 90s Starman as much as anyone, but his career for the last few years has been one stumble after another–bad enough that this makes me pretty nervous.

  8. Thommy/Uki

    This is excellent news! I agree: Superman VS. He-Man-Round 2!! I hope this leads to a monthly, or at least more series. Thank you DC and Mattel!!!

  9. That guy who wrote the article sure doesn't seem like a MOTU fan. He didn't even know who the Sorceress was.

  10. Kevin

    It's a shame this writer at MTV Geek seems to think of He-Man as some lame joke based on the way he worded every question negatively.

  11. dayraven

    i don't think so tFhBD… only because the story that he's talking about is not the motuc "bio" narrative… that said, dust off your rabbit's foot just to be safe.

  12. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    I wonder if Neitlich's character will be in this story…

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