DC Universe Tragic, Ctd

This was posted last night on Mattel’s Facebook page:

You may have heard that the time is nearing for the end of the Young Justice toy line. While we’re as bummed as you are, we want to be sure you know this doesn’t in any way mean the end of DC toys from Mattel. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Next month kicks off not one, but two new lines: our DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription service dedicated to true collector characters you won’t find at retail. The first shipment goes out in May and features an all-new 6” Golden Age The Flash figure. If you missed out on this awesome subscription, a limited quantity will also be available at MattyCollector.com on May 15th at 9am PT. Then, in late May, head to your local retailer and you’ll find The Dark Knight Rises, a kid-targeted Batman™ line. And for 2013, we’re planning an innovative collector-aimed line coming to retail stores.

Keep your eye on this spot and we’ll have more details as they’re available. Our partnership with DC is stronger than ever and we couldn’t be more excited for all the amazing new collector and kid toys to come!

Here are my two cents on this announcement:

1¢: “[…] we want to be sure you know this doesn’t in any way mean the end of DC toys from Mattel” is not the same as saying “We will be making more 6″ action figures in the DC Universe Classics style” (and “an innovative collector-aimed line” could be anything).

1¢: I have significant doubts there will be a 2013 edition of Club Infinite Earths, given how we barely got a 2012 one.

I realize this post is coming off negative, but I want to balance the corporate spin with a dose of realism.

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  1. Newton Gimmick

    Please let DCUC be relaunched as a M.U.S.C.L.E. type line of little rubber men. 😉

  2. thomas b

    I just want a large doomsday and I am good.

    • clark

      I just want a large doomsday, and that Super Powers penguin that we still don't know how or when or if he'll be released.

    • dean


  3. AmericanHyena

    So…given that that the Larfleeze and others (were there others we cared about?) from the All-Star line are still up in the air, the 1012 sub could IN THEORY be the last of the DCUC style figures.

    I point this out only because there are still 2 normal and 2 oversized figures to be revealed. Let’s say there’s an SDCC exclusive too.

    That’s five spots to cover every fans hopes and dreams to fill in holes before a possible line R.I.P.

    At this point I’m one Granny Goodness away from feeling satisfied if the line dies. But I’d be curious who everyone else is crossing their fingers for.

    • dean

      Warlord, Ambush Bug, a set of the Wonder Twins that come with a GLEEK I can feel good about buying. 🙂

  4. Translated: "there will be plenty of Joseph Gordon Levitt Movie Masters on the shelves in a few months' time – and for the next six to ten years. What? You want Catwoman? HAhAHA get real. Oh, and we'll be making a 'Wall punch Superman' in neon orange when the new Superman movie comes out. Oh, and we'll paint Green Lantern on the side of a Hotwheel from time to time. See? DC is far from dead at Mattel!"

    • ridureyu

      Well, I am willing to bet that the Movie Masters case assortment willbe:

      6 Batman

      4 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

      1 Bane

      1 Catwoman

    • Nik

      It's actually going to be 1/3 of a Catwoman. You have to buy 3 JGL variations to get her and 1/16th of a batsignal.

    • Ah yes. 1/42 of a Batsignal will be packed in with 1/5 of all JGLs; every 3-7 JGLs that include a piece will have a different 1/42nd of the Batsignal at a ratio of 10:1.

      You will have to purchase fifteen JGLs to get the left half of the Batsignal and 36 JGLs to get the right half; assuming you buy JGLs with Batsignal pieces inside (no way to tell by looking at the packaging.)

      Mattel outdid themselves this time.

      And there will be a Catwoman in each shipment, but packed in with each Catwoman is a poster of Matty's genitals. Because no one wants a female action figure, those just don't sell.

  5. clark

    I don't think you are being unnecessarily negative, Poe. You came to the same conclusion many of us did when we read this facebook response.

    Translated: We know that a lot of you are upset that you won't be able to find DCUC-like figures at retail. However, please do not fret. We still have the DC license and will be sure to pump out plenty of under-articulated, shoddily sculpted, and over-priced toys that can only be appreciated by infants who like the bright colors!

  6. The Flash III

    If Mattel ditches a DCUC-styled 6" line to try to make it at 4", especially with how awful the Infinite Heroes were, they'd be making yet another collossal mistake. I get the feeling there will be one more year of the DC subscription–as many have noted, the thermometer goal number could have been set unreasonably high simply as a marketing tool. I just hope they finish the Metal Men and Doom Patrol…that's all I ask.

  7. racevedo

    My soul would be filled with untold happiness if DCD or Mattel came out with a 4 inch detailed line.

  8. Mortimer McMire

    I hope this isn't the end of Movie Masters……..

  9. Fengschwing

    DCUC 2007 – 2012 RIP.

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