Sneak Peek at the Mystic Hammer

A few weeks back, Joe Amaro posted pics of his design for a “Mystic Hammer.” It’s looking good:


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  1. Mario

    Beautiful! Count me in.


    I want one. Scratch that. I want multiples.

    Any idea if it’s sized for 7in “Fantasy” figures or their 12in counterparts?

    • Joe Amaro

      It is in scale for 12in "Fantasy" figures 😉
      I made it digitally so making a smaller version, if people want one, is very possible.


      That’s awesome Joe. The design is exquisite, I’m loving the center adornment of the hammer head.

      Do you plan on setting up a pre-order of some sort to get a gauge on the number to make to get the cost per hammer as low as possible? It makes a big difference getting 2 at $40 versus possibly 4 for the same amount.

    • I have not thought about that. I didn't plan on making that many, if it sells well I guess I could.

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