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The good folks at Spy Monkey Creations were very kind in passing along samples of their newest weapon sets, which will go on sale at spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com today, Friday the 13th, at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

These are the same molds seen in my previous review, but in three new colorways:

  • Spy Monkey Armory Solid State Series – White – (white ABS, white PVC) – $15 (special price!)
  • Spy Monkey Armory Metal Series – Shining Gold – (gold chrome ABS & clear colorless PVC) – $20
  • Spy Monkey Armory Series 1.5 – Toxic Glow – (glow ABS and glow PVC w/ aqua paint ops) – $20

The white weapons are represent the first of SMC’s “Solid State” series of solid-colored sets, which are intended to encourage not just customization but painting by collectors. I didn’t dare delve into this aspect – I’m an even worse painter than I am a builder – but I suspect a lot of fans will absolutely love this option.

The “Toxic Glow” series is the much-demanded glow-in-the-dark set. I’ve never found GITD stuff personally appealing, even in my childhood (young Poe would have given anything for a normally-painted Nightfighter Robocop), but my ways are not your ways, and I suspect there are many people who are very happy to get this set. Obviously, they look fantastic with Scareglow.

I have no idea what this thing is.

Finally, there’s the Shining Gold series, which offers both clear and gold chrome parts. It’s ideal for Hurricane Hordak or the sold-out Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday edition. I had some real fun with this set – again, chrome doesn’t usually appeal to me all that much, but as I messed with this set it really started to grow on me.

All the parts fit together tightly – sometimes too tightly; I’ve seen some suggestions that SMC develop a tool to make it easier to insert and remove parts, and they were receptive, so I hope we’ll see that in the near future. But you need not fear your builds falling apart. The only issue I’ve ever run into is that with some of the longer PVC “handles” or “grips” on, say, an axe or warhammer may bend a bit under the weight of the weapon over time. Of course, you can just spin it around and it’ll be fine again.

Scroll down to see pics of some of the builds I put together. Frankly I’m embarrassed by my lack of imagination.  It’s maddening, because I think these toys are amazing and I’m not doing the SMC guys justice with my lame creations.

I was never that great with Legos as a kid, either – I’m just not a builder. I was always more interested in action figures than Legos because I wanted to create characters and stories, not structures. That’s not to take anything away from those who love Legos/Glyos or to say they’re not narratively creative, because obviously they are (just look at all Matt Doughty’s Glyos-related media). It’s just my excuse for my weak builds.

Fortunately, some folks were able to muster up a lot more interesting designs:

As I said in my original review, these are fantastic accessories for anyone who’s into Masters of the Universe Classics, Glyos, Outer Space Men or pretty much any other toy line that can make use of these. I think it’s particularly a great way for adults to share some fun times with their children; I can see myself messing around with these with some future Poe-offspring.


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  1. Poe Great review! Thanks for the shout out also! I almost spit my drink out reading"..my ways are not your ways" and to disprove your poor builder comments I'm loving that chess set looking build with randor. I may have to steal that for my MOTUC collection

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