Enter for a Chance to Win Diamond Select’s Spider-Man & Lizard, Courtesy of FigureoftheDay.com!

In honor of the imminent release of Marvel’s new Amazing Spider-Man film, PGPoA and FigureoftheDay.com are offering a set of both Spider-Man and his latest cinematic nemesis, the Lizard. These fully-articulated figures were designed and produced by Diamond Select Toys!

This is another “Mad Libs”-style contest. I’ve written up a paragraph describing a typical adventure by Spidey, but it’s lacking a few details. Post a comment below and provide the following:

  1. An action verb
  2. An adjective
  3. The name of an animal
  4. An exclamation (i.e., “Banzai!” or “Yippee-kai-ay!” or “Voila!” etc.)
Entries with graphic profanity will not be considered. The winning entry will be selected by the good folks at FigureoftheDay.com.


  1. Contest open to U.S. residents only.
  2. Power Pals or Poe’s friends or family are not eligible.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. Contest ends Friday, June 15 at 12pm ET. No entries submitted after that time will be considered.


Odds ‘n Ends > Beast Saga Vid, NECA does Half-Life & Prometheus, Nerf Intimidation, Figma Link


Pic of the Day > MFX-01 Sword Warrior Jin (Mission Force Microman Quanto Zero-One Neko Mook Exclusive) by chogokinjawa


  1. Logan

    1. Cartwheel
    2. Sacrilicious
    3. Dung beetle

  2. Sprint
    “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

  3. Jose Gonzalez

    verb- Boom!
    Adjective- Agility
    Animal- Iguana
    Exclamation- Mathmatical

  4. 1. Action Verb: re-animate
    2 Adjective: porous
    3: Animal: Parrot
    4: exclamation: "great googly moogly"

  5. Rob Latham

    Verb- catapulted
    Exclamation- Good Gravy!

  6. Sean Wright

    Verb- Rehabilitating
    Adjective- Administered
    Animal- Gecko
    Exclamation- AHA

  7. Mike Brandes

    1…hula-hooping 2…wrinkled 3…dingo 4…long live the queen!

  8. The Flash III

    Verb- Encourage
    Adjective- Eloquent
    Animal- Spider monkey
    Exclamation- Boo-ya!

  9. Toure´

    An action verb: Tingling
    An adjective: inconceivable
    The name of an animal: Sea Cow
    An exclamation : "What in the WHAT?!"

  10. James

    An action verb: skipping
    An adjective: quirky
    The name of an animal: platypus
    An exclamation (i.e., “Banzai!” or “Yippee-kai-ay!” or “Voila!” etc.): Bazzinga!!!

  11. Donkey punch
    Butt hahaha

  12. Rheul

    Naked mole rat

  13. Verb: subsume
    Adj: unsubstantiatable
    Animal: Camelopardus
    Exclamation: Great horny toads!

  14. Chad Boyd

    Verb: Choke
    Adjective: Magnificent
    Animal: Platypus
    Exclamation: Great googly moogly!

  15. Juan Lopez

    exclamation-"BY ODIN'S RAVEN!"

  16. verb – prestidigitated
    adjective – Polypod ( many legged )
    animal – axolotl
    exclamation – "Holy jumping mother o'God in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib!"

  17. Verb: Call
    Adjective: Ghostly
    Animal: Kimodo Dragon
    Exclamation: SWEET HOLY CTHULU!!!

  18. Natasha

    Verb: Ensnare
    Adj: Nebulous
    Animal: Zorse
    Exclamation: Sweet Sugar!!

  19. kidwithabulletsoul

    Verb: Swoop
    Adjective: Molten
    Animal: Tasmanian Devil
    Exclamation: Great Cesar's Ghost!

  20. Verb: explode
    Adjective: sycophantic
    Animal: wombat
    Exclaimation: “Cowabunga!”

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