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Sir Laser-Lot

Real Name: Unrevealed

Across the continent of Preternia, the mightiest of King Grayskull’s Knights was Sir Laser-Lot, a master of weapons and hand-t0-hand fighting techniques. He wore an enchanted suit of armor powered by the great Gem of Tamadge which enhanced his strength and let him unleash powerful energy blasts. So legendary were his deeds that the future king He-Man sent one of his loyal Time Agents into the past to bring Sir Laser-Lot forward to his time. Here, Sir Laser-Lot became the King’s new Man-At-Arms, training both the Royal Guards and the King’s young son Dare in ancient battle techniques. Sir Laser-Lot uses his energy blade to fight for chivalry and justice in any time.

Mattel posted packaging art and bios for Sir Laser-Lot and Spikor on Facebook yesterday, and in the interest of actually striking while the iron is hot, I’ve decided to start posting these bios as they’re revealed.

The bio for Snake Man-At-Arms established that Clamp Champ replaced Duncan as Man-At-Arms, but that was presumably around the time of the Second Ultimate Battleground. Sir Laser-Lot’s bio provides what seems to be the farthest-flung date in the MOTUC Bio Universe (MBU), as he’s called forward by “future king” He-Man to train the Royal Guards and He-Man’s son Dare.

Dare is a reference to the unproduced “He-Ro: Son of He-Man” pitch by Lou Scheimer Productions in the 1990s. I ran “Tamadge” through an anagram site but didn’t find anything more interesting than “Mad Gate” or “Data Gem” – maybe a diehard Green Lantern/Geoff Johns fan can suss out any reference that might be hiding in there.

I think it’s safe to assume the loyal “Time Agent” is Spector, though “Agents” is plural, so who knows. Part of me is a bit creeped out by the prospect of King He-Man having an army of time-travelling agents running back and forth through time and space, fixing up whatever bits of history He-Man doesn’t like.

If this were a toy line directed toward kids rather than adult collectors, that bio would be way too complicated.


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  1. LBD_Nytetrayn

    In fairness, we don't know the reason for the Time Agents or what they necessarily do outside of this. It's possible a new evil has arisen, and they're the ones threatening the timestream and necessitating a counter-force.

  2. I don't know — I think I'm going to completely ignore the Sir Mix-A-Lot bio and in my 'verse he'll be a robotic bad guy…

    I dig his sword though! VERY similar to Poe's Sword of the Ages! I hope we'll see it again in a future weapons pak!

  3. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    The whole King He-Man chose to pluck SLL from the timeline is the storyline version of the "We just leave those design choices to the 4 Horsemen" cop-out.

  4. dayraven

    " fixing up whatever bits of history He-Man doesn’t like" and let's not forget that every one of those circumstances eventually led to he-man taking the crown, so every time he does that, he risks becoming his own great grandfather and imploding. smart king, eh?

    i think about this, as far as the timeline goes… king he-man can't be too far in the future, as by the time clamp champ takes over, adam was already past being a teenager, and had been exiled in tundaria for some time, enough to completely lose his tan and skeletor and hordak to battle their business out. so he-man was an adult already when skeletor was finally beaten. there's no reason to believe that clamp champ and he-man aren't about the same age, since we don't see enough of C squared to believe that he's an adult when the rest of the goodies are teens. we don't see him much at all till he comes in as an adult, but to replace MAA, he must have trained at some point right? i think the answer is logically he had to be a student when adam and the gang were, and maybe even a little younger, which is why he doesn't hang w/ the other kids.

    • what right does "king he-man" have to alter the time line? it would be like someone going back in time and killing hitler as an infant to stop the holocaust, or preventing JFK or MLK from being assassinated… i think there is a lot of moral ambiguity going on here. even if working for the side of good, i don't think its right. plus if that, why not go back and prevent keldor from ever being turned into skeletor? or — just save eternia a whole bunch of hassle and kill evil-lyn… cuz apparently she is the root of all evil in this universe.

  5. dayraven

    spikor gets a bio, finally. that was a long time coming. it wasn't great, but it was solid… and didn't toss an existing character under the bus, like say… some unmentioned hero. 😉

    • I agree, Spikor's was solid. Plus it didn't make him a sympathetic villain by being forced to do evil against his will or set him up for redemption…

  6. Well, time travel is the end of history, anyway.

  7. Dead Man Walking

    This bio is 'whatever' to me, but I will say I like the idea of a temporal anomaly (or some shite) bringing together ALL the heroes and villains for an epic battle. I like the idea of He-Man fighting alongside King Grayskull and Wundar and Vikor…etc. It gives an excuse to have all the characters on the same shelf, instead of a "Preternia" shelf, a "New Adventures" shelf, etc.

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