Tamashii Nations Unveils S.H.Figuarts Perfect Cell

What I know about Dragon Ball could be laser-etched on a microchip, but fans seem excited about Tamashii’s latest reveal of the character Perfect Cell for their S.H.Figuarts line, the anime-oriented sibling to S.H.MonsterArts.

On a side note, I’m curious what you all think of the Japanese tendency to use these jointed stands for beam/blast effects. Do they bother you? Are the clunky stands worth dealing with for the blast accessory? I can’t help but wonder whether some of these blast effects could be made light enough to be held on their own, but I suspect that, over time, some of the joints holding up the effect would weaken (unless the figure has ratchet joints a la Revoltech, which may be why Revoltech gets away with not having the stands for their beam effects). So maybe the designers are just thinking ahead?

S.H. Figuarts Perfect Cell $56.99 Nov/Dec 2012

What happens when the perfect warrior created via ultra-advanced biotechnology joins the perfect action figure series by Tamashii Nations, the best collectable toy company in the world? S.H. Figuarts Perfect Cell! Created specifically for the N. American market via input from past Tamashii Nations Facebook polls, Perfect Cell joins Trunks and Super Saiyan Vegeta in the continuing Dragon Ball line up! Perfect Cell’s spotted exoskeleton is perfectly portrayed in this perfectly articulated action figure. In addition to Interchangeable parts for folded arms, hands, and faces, kamehameha effect parts add the perfect ingredients for re-creating the perfect, Perfect Cell battle scene. Outside N. America, Perfect Cell will be a Tamashii Web Exclusive. Be sure to grab S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Gohan Special Color Edition ($30) to pair up with Cell, available at San Diego Comic-Con 2012!


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  1. Harrig

    I am not keen on the stands, but I can't see an alternative at the moment for these poses.

  2. Bigbot

    I am so glad they’re making Perfect Cell. If they only make one villain from the show, I’d want it to be him.

  3. Ridureyu

    I love this figure!!

  4. Taruan

    I like the stands personally. Helps the effects stay in position. Plus I like the effects Bandai has been doing for the bottom of the stand like the buildings with some of the Monsterarts figures.

  5. Poe, I am definitely excited about Perfect Cell. I have every DBZ Figuarts figure except SS3 Goku (because I don't need him) and it's about time they made a villain.

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