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Metron is one of Jack Kirby’s creations, first appearing in the New Gods comic book series. He’s from the same world (the Fourth World, to be exact) as characters like Darkseid, Orion, and Lightray. He’s meant to be a neutral cosmic observer, but he has been known to choose sides (not always Good), especially if something threatened the entire universe. He’s also the man who invented the “Boom Tube” technology which allows the people of New Genesis and Apokolips to travel great distances across the universe, and he holds the key to Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation. Basically, Metron is not one to be trifled with.Mattel has always done the New Gods characters right in DC Universe Classics. We’ve gotten several characters so far, some of which had variants that mirrored their vintage Super Powers figures. So I suppose it was a no-brainer for Mattel – when the time came for them to switch DC Universe Classics to an online subscription-based model – that they try to tackle Metron with his chair without worrying about fitting it in a regular sized package, or worrying about the price. So for Mattel’s inaugural year for the DC Universe Signature Collection, they had subscribers vote to determine who would be the exclusive “oversized” figure. Needless to say, Metron won, and now here we are.

Packaging: Metron comes in the new DC Universe Signature Collection window box. Ever since Mattel showed off the packaging for their Signature Collection, I’ve felt it was a pretty bland design. It’s just a big square of clear plastic, with some card stock on it. Granted the art is fantastic, but I miss the unique shapes the blisters had in DCUC. Perhaps with the low subscriber rate, they just simply didn’t have the budget for any special kind of packaging. I can respect that – save as much as possible for the actual figures.

Design & Sculpt: Metron is the size of a standard DCUC figure, coming it at a little over six inches tall. He looks great. Almost every part of him is reused from previous figures except his hands and his head, but it works. His hands have a great sculpt to them that makes them look natural as they hang over the arms of his chair; they look almost as good if you have him posed with his fingertips touching, as if he’s deep in thought.

And the head is just amazing. It’s undeniably Kirby. The eyes, the slightly open mouth, the stern expression. It’s just great. I don’t know how the Four Horsemen are so well able to capture Jack Kirby’s style, while at the same time giving us head sculpts that are not artist specific, so they all look a part of the same toy line and mesh together. It must be a hard thing to balance, but the Horsemen do it with gusto.

Plastic & Paint: Metron is mostly cast in blue, and it looks good.

His paint job is pretty well done too. There is some overspray and blurred edges where the gray on his torso meets the blue of the plastic, and there’s a couple of spots on the designs on his torso, where the light blue goes outside of the black outlining. The rest of the paint applications look very well done though, including the head. The pupils and irises are aligned right on the eyes, and everything on his head seems painted great.

 Articulation: Since Metron’s body is a standard DCUC body, he has the standard DCUC articulation. Ball jointed neck, ball joints shoulders, bicep swivels, single elbows, wrist swivels, ab crunch, waist swivel, t-hinge hips, thigh swivels, single knees, and a pin and disc ankle pivot. All the joints on Metron are tight and hold any pose you can put him in. The neck joint has a surprising amount of range for a DCUC figure.

This is one figure where I feel double elbows would have really helped him.Remember earlier how I said you could pose his hands with the fingertips touching as if he’s contemplating? Well the only problem is that when you do that, his elbows aren’t touching the arms of his chair. Double elbows would have made it possible to pose his hands together while still looking natural in the chair, and given you other options for arm posing as well.

Accessories: Metron only comes with one accessory. For his “oversized” price point, you’d expect him to come packed with accessories, but nope. Mattel just gave him one. Mattel really dropped the ball on this one.

All right, can you tell that was sarcasm? Yes, Metron does only come with one accessory, but what an accessory it is!

He comes with his Mobius Chair, which takes him all over the universe and even all through time. You have to partially assemble it out of the package, and when you do it looks amazing. The sculpt is very intricate, more intricate than I thought it would be. There are tons of Kirby-inspired Fourth World tech and symbols all over it, with sculpted paneling, and controls on the arms of his chair.

Even the bottom of the chair, the part you’d never see while displaying the figure, has a lot of amazing sculpted detail. Everything looks like it serves some purpose to help power the chair. It’s astounding how intricate the detail is, considering Metron’s details are just painted on.

Speaking of paint, the paint on the chair is great too. The gold paint against the green of the plastic complement each other really well. The disc at the top of his chair spins really easily and looks cool doing so.

It’s also semi-translucent around the edges, so if you backlit the figure, it would make it appear as if it were glowing. It don’t know if this was done purposefully or not, but it’s a great touch nonetheless.

The only complaint I have about the chair is the absence of a flight stand. Metron’s chair almost never touches the ground, so you could think having a plug-in translucent flight stand, even a short one, would have been a no-brainer. It wouldn’t be hard to alter the chair so you could plug one in yourself. The only thing keeping me from doing it is the lack of desire to want to ruin that beautiful sculpt on the bottom of the chair.

Quality Control: Not a single problem with Metron or his chair. All his joints work fine, there’s no warping or deformity in the plastic, and nothing broken. The chair assembles together easily and holds great, without anything breaking.

Overall: Metron is a really great figure. His head sculpt is amazing, and his chair is phenomenal. I’m glad Mattel waited until an opportunity like now to actually do Metron justice by including his chair. Some of his paint apps could have been better, and the lack of range in his elbow articulation does limit the amount of hand poses you can put him in while still making him look natural in the chair.

The lack of a flight stand for his chair is rather strange, since it’s always hovering and flying, but overall I think Metron is a very worthy addition to the other New Gods figures Mattel has produced, and certainly is worthy of being the club incentive figure for this year, and would make an excellent addition to anyone’s DC Universe collection.

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  1. Could you imagine if Metron had been released normally on the shelves without his chair? Maybe with a machine gun or something as his sole accessory?

  2. Haha, I'm the mystery reviewer. Not sure where my info is. 😛

  3. fengschwing

    Nice review, Poe are we going to find out who this mystery reviewer is?
    As a side not, I thought we were going to get more articulation in the wrists, ala Green Arrow, with Metron. Did I imagine that?
    Also worth mentioning there were some paint issues with my figure, smudges on the chest and I know other people have had similar issues. Looks like Mystery Reviewer got a 'good' Metron!

  4. Jesús Santillán

    Nice review.
    Any way,who is this guy?

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