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  1. Harrig

    It's lovely, but the articulation is not fabulous. Having a few figma figures I have been a bit spoilt by the fantastic articulation, but this is faithful to the design, so compromises are made – especially at the hips. The photo shows as good as a two-handed shooting pose as you would get. for a good range of poses there would need to be more cuts – and an ab articulation would be a must – even the head movement is pretty limited.

    For example, the leg has a ball and socket at the hip, hinge at the knee and ankle, with a rocker above the heel. the movement is lacking apart from the basic back and forth, and the ball pops out of its socket pretty quickly if you try anything a little ambitious. I feel the knee should have articulated separately.

    Getting her to sit also does not look quite right, and almost reminds you of those awful cuts from figures like the 90's Clayburn Moore figures Lady Death Purgatori et al.

    The detailing and finish is superb, and it really does look like she has stepped out of the game. there are four extra hands, two blast flares and her ball form included, all of which are superbly finished with the same gloss metallic. There is an open hand, a palm with fingers spread as in warning, a relaxed hand, a fist and thumbs up as well as the one shown.

    Everything is tight, and the figure holds a pose well with the added stand plugging firmly into the back.

    The packaging is good quality, colourful and attractive, but needs to be opened to get the packing materials out of the way even if yo wanted to display it in the box. The window is too small to allow a proper look at the design anyway, so it is better displayed out of the box.

    As a sculpt its spot on, but as a figure I feel it needs a few more cuts and superior articulation, even at the cost of breaking the sculpt up a bit.

    Overall it is lovely figure, and I don't regret having it in my collection – a real keeper!

    • Thanks for the awesome review! I can't wait to get my hands on this!

    • Harrig

      Thank you!
      a couple of things I forgot to mention were that the articulation on the shoulders is actually quite interesting in terms of its mechanism and works very nicely, allowing a bit more range than the other joints, but the paint on one of these shoulders seemed to be a little off compared with the rest of the body – the colour was a tiny bit off, and the gloss was muted. Possibly the lack of gloss accounted for the colour difference.
      I also forgot to mention there is a point of articulation across the foot for the toes, which is useful for adding a bit of oomph to the poses.

    • Bigbot

      I really like the use of the 3 ball lower torso joints for each shoulder. The figure has a lot of range surprisingly there.

  2. I'd like to see a review of this. I wish she came with an alternative head of an unmasked Samus, but in spite of this it still looks like a great figure!

    • Loooove this figure! I agree, an alternate head would be the bee's knees, but the hair might be a bit of a problem, due to how the suit rides up all around her collar.

    • I guess our only other option is that ultra-rare and expensive but brick-like Nintendo figure released several years ago. I'm still kicking myself for seeing that in a Gamestop and not picking it up.

    • RocketPunch

      I found a good review here, with photos: http://metroid-database.com/features/true3D04.php

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