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Collectors appear to be excited about NECA’s new TRU-exclusive Nightfighter Robocop (Pixel Dan’s review here, AFP’s review here). It’s a homage to one of my favorite childhood action figures, Kenner’s Robocop Nightfighter (Pixel Dan’s review here). The vintage figure was initially a mail-away promotion, though later it was sold on card. I’m proud to say that as a kid, I actually mailed away for mine.

Before I go any further, let me say I absolutely love NECA and everything they’re doing right now. I will forever owe them for the well-articulated Evil Dead 2 figures they’ve given us, and once I get a super-articulated classic masked Predator and the new Aliens warrior, my debt will be upgraded to full Wookie-life-debt status.


I will concede the point that if you need to make an exclusive Robocop figure, a glow-in-the-dark one that pays tribute to a beloved earlier figure makes sense. And that retro packaging is awesome.

However, let’s be honest: the fact that the figure glowed in the dark could be argued as much as a liability as an asset. Unless the glowing is part of the character’s gimmick, I hate glow-in-the-dark figures, because they’re just pointless variants.

There were three things I liked about the Kenner Robocop Nightfighter figure. The first and most obvious is the fact that his right arm was a giant chaingun. The second is that his left arm was also a new sculpt and was pretty cool. And finally, I actually quite liked the shiny blue highlights on the figure and the way they played off the otherwise-useless GITD color. And did I mention his right arm was a giant chaingun? Sadly, none of these aspects are featured on the NECA figure.

Can you imagine how awesome the chaingun would have been? I understand why NECA couldn’t do it – aside from tooling costs, the company presumably only has the license to the first film, and Robocop never appeared with a chaingun in that movie. But why no blue highlights? If you’re doing a very obvious tribute to a vintage figure, you might as well go full-bore and make the figure that much more interesting.

Maybe this is all obvious and I’m just playing the Debbie Downer here. I just wanted to explain why I probably won’t get what would otherwise be a must-buy for me.


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  1. James

    Afos is wrong, the mail away night fighter robocop was translucent. I had both versions, the carded version was opaque white plastic. A gatling gun arm and other parts of the original had would not have been a bad idea.

  2. Tribsain

    Maybe I'm not a "real" or a good collector and these are lines that were out in my high school years ( and I had a decent social life). I saw the GlobocopThursday carried it around as I looked and ended up putting it back ( did the same thing with battle damage Robocop). I'm not a big front lover (there are plenty of exceptions). But as a substitute teacher (hopefully I have my own classroom by fall) money is tight and I'm currently buying Dark knight figures I probably would pass on if if wasn't for the shaping up to be sweeeet bat signial. I know this is a beat to death issue but (and this is my opinion) ….higher prices for the same character over and over are a hard sell. I have a Robocop at least I don't have a Bane or Alferd. I know that molds are expensive, it's a tough biz and if any one deserves am only it is Neca, but rehashes of Preditors, Aliens, Robocop and to a lesser extent evil dead are not selling figures at least to me. I mean why not a build a figure ED 209? I'd pay the extra price for that go to 20 a figure maybe 22, they would have to sell double the product. It is probably

  3. The best thing about this figure is the fact that on the back there are pics of all the other version of Robocop NECA made, including a sneak peek prototype at an apparently upcoming Robocop with real functioning leg holster. That, I look forward to.

  4. jumper11

    I have the original globocop. I love Robocop. I love all toys that glow in the dark, so I bought it. I bought the shit out of it.

  5. Pixel Dan

    This is where you and I are different Poe, as I am a serious sucker for GitD toys. Also translucent toys. 🙂

    But I agree, at least having the metallic blue accents would have made a big difference in his appearance. That'd have been cool!

  6. ero

    The lack of blue highlights is the only thing holding me back right now. I need my homages to be more accurate than this one, but I do think it's cool and NECA does deserve the nod.

  7. Mecha-Shiva

    Still happy we are getting a robocop with a working gun/hip container.

  8. Harrig

    It's Robcop…. from beyond the grave…

  9. I never had the original Kenner figure. I only had a memory of it existing and demanded a Glow in the Dark Robocop as soon as I saw NECA's initial unpainted prototype of the standard Robocop since it was in a white plastic that sparked my memory.

    Now that I'm getting a good look at Kenner's Nightfighter after all these years, he was pretty cool looking, huh? I agree completely that some of that metallic blue and especially a red visor would have rocked and perhaps made what I think is a fun variant even more unique.

    I haven't seen this figure yet, but I still think it's cool and the packaging is a nice touch of course. I may not be able to resist it once I see it, but I haven't been running immediately to TRU to find it.

    In my opinion, I think the lack of unique parts and accessories may be for the best because this figure is a silly gag that may not be for everyone. Thankfully it doesn't include an additional film-based item that would have people buying a figure they didn't want otherwise. I definitely see Poe's perspective since he had the original. And because Poe's regular NECA Robocop had a busted foot piston.

    I do think this was a fun way to get some mileage out of the standard Robocop tooling, since NECA went all out by making Battle Damage Robocop almost as entirely new sculpt when it's something that's not immediately noticeable and many companies would have just done a dirty paint job and called it good enough.

  10. dayraven

    sorry, i love robo as much as the nest guy, and this was a bad choice. the battle damage i understand, the leg holster redux i totally understand and am likely to re-buy… but w/ no line to speak of here, 4 versions of the main guy is already asking an awful lot of us as a buying community. if there were even an insinuation that buying all 4 robos would get us somewhere on a kain, or an ed, i would throw all caution and money to the wind and happily get aboard… as it stands now, it just seems like a poor choice. if kenner were the ultimate toy palace we fantasize it to be now, it would still be with us.

    • Pixel Dan

      '4 versions of the main' guy is a complaint I've always had about NECA. God of War was the biggest "missed opportunity" in my opinion. They gave us somewhere around 6 different colored Kratos figures, when there was so much potential in giving us figures of the other gods or even just the various enemies Kratos fought.

      Same could be said for their Assassin's Creed lines, with Ezio variant after Ezio variant.

      But, that complaint aside, I love this GitD RoboCop. 🙂 lol

    • dayraven

      sometimes though, they get things right. i don't feel their gears of war stuff has done that at all. they've done a MUCH better job there of balancing the marcusae w/ the other cast members… and thusfar, thy've kept the gizmae also in control… so they can overcome themselves when they want to.

      BTW, did you ever see the unreleased GoW3 kratos? the one they made before losing the license? the fully articulated kratos who makes me cry every time i see how friggin sweet ass he was? but i know they did it to themselves, had they given us so much as one measly minotaur with a slot in the mouth for the blade to be sheathed, they very likely could have moved enough units to keep the license.

    • Bigbot

      I wish I had never seen that fully articulated Kratos.

    • There's always the Play Arts Kai one, if you don't mind it being a bit stylized.

    • Bigbot

      I should be receiving that one today along with the Play Arts Cammy. However, I would definitely prefer the 7" scale, and it would have been significantly cheaper.

    • doctorkent

      Kenner's not dead because it did terrible. It's dead because it was too successful.

  11. AFOS

    I think the biggest misstep is actually the type of GITD plastic used. The Kenner figure was white plastic while the NECA figure is translucent. The two figures really only look alike when they're glowing.

  12. Isn't "Nightfighter" a terrible racial slur? I'm sure I've seen it used that way before.

    But anyway, uh… a fun GitD variant… http://www.flickr.com/photos/74529773@N07/7501791… (They didn't mean it to be a USA thing)

    • Yes, yes, it is. "night fighter" is about as bad as "jungle bunny," "spear chucker," "coon," "jigaboo," and a lot of other second-tier racial slurs.


  13. Talyn

    As I mentioned in my review, I agree, the gun and blue would seem required and easy.

  14. Homages aside, I love GITD even though I don't have a lot. This thing is just too ridiculous to not own. I want it.

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