Club Infinite Earths confirmed for 2013

While MOTUC fans await in agony for word on whether the 2013 Club Eternia went through (I’m sure it did), Club Infinite Earth fans already have confirmation.

I’ll say it: I’m surprised. I was certain CIE was dead in the water. I was wrong. It appears there was a huge surge over the last few days.


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  1. I cannot believe the CIE also survived. I'd planned to put in a "just in case" order, but Monday was a holiday and I plain forgot. And that was just because I like DC, not based on anything offered. None of those figures are winners, particularly the club exclusive figure. If the club was a win I would have placed the order well in advance.

  2. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    I wonder how many of those DC subs were bought by Nicolas Cage

  3. Obviously, this is a conspiracy by the Illuminati.

  4. grim4321

    the midnight deadline was a joke too it let me order this morning at 5 am

  5. I'm not outraged, but I don't believe it. I'm sure the DC subs had a much lower quota than the MOTU ones, but there was barely any campaigning for the DC sub and it was DOA up until yesterday. Magically it shot up to OVER 100% in one night? I know there was probably a bunch of last minute subs, but I refuse to believe there was that many.

    At least with MOTUC there was a believable amount of increment increases. Whether it was a scare tactic or the truth, in the end it worked. Mattel got people to do the work for them and champion their sub programs, that a few weeks earlier, everyone had pretty much turned against. Bravo Mattel.

    I'm glad people will be able to get these toys, but the hoopla really soured me on the whole concept this year.

    • The Flash III

      The MOTUC "cancellation" was a scare tactic plain and simple–and it got them 135% of what they needed, so bravo Matty, I guess. I said last week that the panic was unnecessary and they'd get 125% of thier goal. No way they were cancelling MOTUC.

      As for DCIE, I think people underestimate the number of original universe DC fans out there who look at the DC and Batman Unlimited lineups and have zero interest, like me. I only collect DCUC, so it is a no-brainer for me–heck, I bought two subs.

  6. Nicholai

    Instead of theories and such I'll just say: YES! YES! YES!

    • Russ

      Cheers to that!
      For one day, let's stop the fussin' and the feudin' and just reflect on the fact that there's a beret-wearin' gorilla heading our way!

  7. Tribsaint

    It's kind of a whatever thing for me. Fishy? Most def. but whatever… The real surprise is that anyone pays the outragious price for "collector" figures like these. If there had been a promise of new tooling ok but not for more of the same.

    This coming from one of the least fussy collectors out there. I generally don't mind reuse or nitpick articulation. To date my biggest complaints have been the molded gun on Magog and distribution. I have most of Dcuc figures and I'm looking forward to the new retail lines. I'm just firmly against the subscription model, exspecially when it's blind and stupidly expensive. I understand the need to collect and complete, some much so my wife (an RN) is sure it's OCD related. What I don't get is allowing yourself to get ripped off.

    I think we are coming out of a dry spell legends are back, TNMT are hitting, neca is looking very promising, Dcnu is coming and there are all the kickstart projects. There is just to many better option than overpriced mystery figures with the somewhat likily possibility of QC & CS difficulties.

    I don't hate mattel (may hate subs) in fact I'm greatful to them. My collection is bigger and better because of them. But, I do think they could run a bit better and care about profit a little less? Most companies could and should. Thing is just because they grew my collection in a doesn't obligate me get the subs (and we have seen the argument that it does).

    I'm glad you got your figures, I hope you choke on them (kidding :p) I hope they are great.

  8. Potato

    Why no meter for MOTU? Cause they probably knew they'd meet the minimum on day 1.

  9. nerdbot

    I'm not angry about it, but I does make one wonder…

    Have they ever done this type of thing, and when the minimum number was not reached, actually canceled a line? I know we don't have a lot of experience with this, as subs are just a few years old, and the thermometer scare tactic is even more recent. But I don't recall a line being announced as on the brink, and then not being produced. If a line is truly in trouble, don't they just quietly pull the plug on it? How did Ghostbusters go down? I think when it gets this close to next year, the production for at least the first figures has to be pretty far along — far enough that they would be loath to scrap all that work. The frantic "OMG, if we don't sell enough subs, the line will die!" really does seem like nothing more than an attempt to drive up the sub numbers.

    And, honestly, I don't blame them. I'm sure that the higher the numbers of subscribers, the less nervous they are on sale days (and the less higher-ups in Mattel corporate will be looking over their shoulders, keeping an eye on what the kids in action figures are up to). It might be a slightly dishonest sales technique, but in the scheme of things, not all that terrible.

    • plannedbanter

      Ghostbusters was cancelled after the signup period, though we didn't have a thermometer to go from telling us what to expect. I don't recall a bunch of hoopla about it being on the brink, the way we've gotten for CIE or MOTUC this year; it was kind of quietly cancelled and no one seemed too angry about it.

    • nerdbot

      Ahh, okay. So maybe they were sincere about lines being on the brink after all. Either way, I can't be bothered to be upset by an attempt to drum up subscribers.

    • A.J.

      My brother was pretty angry about it.

    • The Flash III

      Last year DCIE only got about 60% of thier goal, but they pushed it through anyhow. Without any knowledge of how numbers are put in the thermometer, or even what the "goal numbers" were, it's hard to know what to make of it. As a raging DCUC fan, I'm just glad I get another year of figures!

  10. Potato

    I CALL UTTER BS!!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning (PST), and all subscriptions were still on sale. No deadline extensions my A$$!! That's one lie from Matty right there. AND at 5:30, the meter was still below minimum order. At what time did it shoot up pass the minimum?!?! How can it shoot up pass the minimum, if they weren't supposed to sell them past 11:59pm! LIARS!!! USUAL SCARE TACTICS. They probably already made their minimum on day one. That meter is so rigged…and apparently so are the fine print/rules. Shame on you MATTY.

  11. muldertp

    My first inclination is also DR incompetence. But it doesn’t matter to me now. I got Ram Man preordered and I have faith I’ll be able to buy the other figs I want on DOS and save more money on shipping for other DOS items not in the sub (like JLU, ecto goggles). If not, I ought to be able to buy/trade for the ones I want cheaply enough.

  12. AmericanHyena

    It was at about 60% – 70% yesterday morning. When I finally got off my lazy duff and ordered the MOTUC sub around 9:45 pacific time last night, it was up to about 90% and was still at about 90% come 1:00 am.

  13. I guess Phantom Stranger tipped the scales.

  14. I don't buy the DC figures but I'm glad it went through. I'd hate for DC not to have a toy line

  15. Mysterious Stranger

    The real question is would the sub have gone through without the meter in place?

    I think the meter was probably run by Digital River as its on their site and they are the ones handling the orders. Given that I think the lack of updates was mostly due to their inattention to the website. Granted they don't update anything in the store without Mattel's okay but I'd like to think they had standing orders to update it throughout the process and just didn't do it. Even after all the bullshit Mattel has flung at fans the last several years I'm still trying to be glass half full guy and give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Also it is entirely possible that last surge of subs came through over the weekend and DR didn't update the meter until Monday. I know I subscribed on Friday and it was a little over half I think. So the sudden jump could very well have been from a last minute surge Saturday and Sunday.

    Regardless of how they got there the sub IS going through. All this bitching and conspiracy theorizing is just fanboys throwing more gas on the "let's hate Mattel" fire. Seriously guys, you got what you wanted, now just for a moment be happy about it.

  16. Dead Man Walking

    I too smell a conspiracy.

  17. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    I smell bovine fecal matter with this one…

  18. Pete

    Not the last few days–the last DAY. That's the part that makes me suspicious of the whole meter thing–it sat nearly empty for three weeks, then filled up massively on the last day? It might be paranoid of me, but I don't buy it. With no knowledge of what their sales goal was, nor knowledge of how many units had moved at any point during the sale…it's just really hard to believe. The entire meter thing screamed scare tactic.

  19. muldertp

    I’m shocked also.

    In other news, BBTS has Ram Man up for $60 now. Just ordered mine.

    • Oh man, thanks for the tip! I totally would have missed that! I'm actually surprised they listed it so low.

      Now, if only they would list Mosquitor, the Snake-Men 2-pack, etc.

    • Robzy

      Cheers!! Just placed mine too 🙂

    • As I post this, BBTS has 86 Ram-Man left in stock. Not gonna last long.

    • AmericanHyena

      It’s already gone.

  20. Fengschwing

    Likewise, I thought this was going to be DOA. Seems like I'll get a few more months of little plastic men to irritate the hell out of the missus with yet.
    If I was a snarky individual, I'd accuse Mattel of withholding the figures to encourage more last minute sales, but I'm not like that.

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