The Pigskin Passin’ Football Fighter!

Brian of recruited me and a number of other geek/toy bloggers to the Madball Fantasy Football League.  Who will win The Golden Leo?

Brian will be posting regular updates on his site, so you can see how well or terrible I’m doing. To make it easier for everyone to know who they’re playing we mostly named our teams after ourselves – otherwise I would totally have gone with the Touchdown Terrors.

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  1. To answer your question Poe; Me. It will be me who wins the Golden Leo. Just wanted to make sure everyone was clear on that.

    • Crystal Clear, because by 'me' Reis means 'Eric Stettmeier aka BubbaShelby of Toyriffic.

      See, it's so much easier to just say 'me.'

  2. The best part is that his spring-loaded arm still works. I'm looking forward to clearing the space on the shelf for this guy!

    • Poe

      In 3-4 years, I assume you mean, once my reign is over and I retire covered in glory.

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