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The MOTUC collecting world seems to have come to a consensus: Tytus needs a better weapon. I suppose the “Body Snatcher” was neat enough in the 1980s, when it featured a rubbery piece inside the hammer that could actually wrap around figures; but the solid-plastic “Warrior Smasher” of the modern Tytus wasn’t quite as fun.

To rectify the situation, Spy Monkey Creations famously created the Hammer of Chalybeous, one of their most popular fan-made accessories (which also featured a super-rare PGPoA exclusive variant!) Fans continue to beg SMC to produce more of that accessory, but now that SMC has moved on to bigger and better things (as will be discussed on the site later this week), there was room for someone else to step in.

That someone was Joe Amaro, and the result is the Mystic Hammer. While the first wave of Hammers already sold out in hours, Joe was kind enough to send one along to me – no doubt because of the special bond we share through our love of the movie The 13th Warrior.

The Mystic Hammer is big – approximately the same size as the Hammer of Chalybeous, which I didn’t have on hand for pics (but will try to find and update with later). It’s also much, much easier to spell the name of.

While the Hammer of Chalybeous featured a bit of a science fiction vibe (with its smooth edges and textured surfaces), the Mystic Hammer is sculpted in a more sword-and-sorcery, fantasy style. Full disclosure: Back when he was developing this, Joe wasn’t sure whether to have the back of the hammer be a chisel/spike or a double-sided hammer. I like the double-sided one, because it looked a lot more brutal and powerful, but Joe held a poll and the spike was the unquestioned winner, so: go to hell, all of you.

It’s molded in light gray, though Joe has noted that most production samples were done in a darker gray. Each piece is then hand-painted, so of course the results look fantastic.

The silver of the hammer matches Tytus’s boots, while the gray resembles the plastic of is harness.

It fits in the hands of Tytus, Megator, Gygor and the Shadow Beast. I don’t really have any other figures in this scale to try it with, but I’m sure they exist.

The hammer cost $20 shipped, which seems about standard for a fan-produced accessory of this level of quality. You can decide for yourself, though; since I got mine for free, and Joe and I are friends, my recommendation could be a bit biased. That said, I would have bought one of these on my own (if it hadn’t been gone by the time I remembered it was on sale).

Simply put, this is a well-sculpted, high quality accessory – which bodes well for the Manta Raider. As for the Hammer, it sold out in hours, but Joe isn’t sure about a second run yet. If you want one, visit this page and ask, no, demand he make more Hammers!

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  1. Thank you!!! I got more stuff in the works! 😉

  2. dayraven

    i do wish that tytus has a ball neck though… you know, so he could see what's he's bashing. as it is, he can't even see gygor except as a bit of helmet dancing annoyingly under his periphery.

    • Bigbot

      Yeah, it's pretty sad the way the 12 inchers came out in comparison to the standard figures.

      I'm hoping Joe makes more of these, I'd like to get my hands on one for Gygor.

    • A black version for Gygor would be awesome!

    • dayraven

      why yes, yes it would completely fresh… and it would look killer in a shadow beast's hand too in a black color scheme.

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    I received mine a couple weeks ago. Its a great piece with just enough detailing to fit in the style of MOTUC. A hammer is perfectly suited for Tytus, not just for battle but also because he was one of the builders of Castle Grayskull. I can see him bashing in skulls in battle AND bashing rocks for the castle with this mighty hammer.

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