S.H.MonsterArts is Determined to Put Me Into Bankruptcy

After The Return of Godzilla (a.k.a. Godzilla 1985), Godzilla vs. Biollante is my favorite Godzilla film of the Heisei era. The plot is arguably the highest-concept idea ever: a giant mutated radioactive dinosaur fights a giant mutated flower bio-engineered with cells from said giant mutated radioactive dinosaur. The film also has a great soundtrack and some of the best special effects, as well as my favorite Godzilla suit (“BioGoji”), of the Heisei era.

Anyway, Biollante is a character who’s only been done a few times, due to her massive size and complicated design. And yet, at this week’s Tamashii Event, we’ve got a prototypes of not just an S.H.MonsterArts Biollante, but an SHMA BioGoji. Given that Hedorah Ghidorah cost $120 and Destoroyah is estimated at $160, we’re probably getting into the $200-$250 range for Biollante.

One caveat: these are just prototypes. Tamashii has a history of showing off prototypes but never making them (e.g., Ultra-Act Baltan I and Kanegon, as well as SHMA Aggregate Destoroyah and Utsuno Ikusagami). So I have a request – if you’re on Facebook, please click here and “like” the above photo. Even if you don’t like Godzilla, do it for ol’ Poe. I’ll give you three Poe-written reviews (with at least one MOTUC) by next Wednesday if you do!


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  1. misterbigbo

    I have no idea what I just "liked". This Godzilla stuff is way over my head. Good luck!

  2. dayraven

    "liked" bio, just for you poe… figure it's the least i can do for that grayskull pre-order. 🙂

  3. MonsterArts, you are my nemesis! Incredible figures, clunky articulation, very close to what I want, but still not quite what I want. A price tag I just can't afford in good conscious.

    Biollante may very well tip the scale back to their side though. May just be time to quit everything else.

    On the flip side, my Trendmasters Biollante is still flippin' awesome.

    • At this point I think Biollante has maybe a 50% chance of being made (at best). Tamashii constantly shows off protos they never make. That said, every Godzilla SHMA-related product shown, with the notable exception of an aggregate Destoroyah (which may be available as an effects pack with that figure), has been made so far. So, fingers crossed.

      One possible thing that makes it more likely is the upcoming Godzilla vs. Biollante Blu-Ray coming in December. Bandai loves that sort of synergy, though they may wait to see how the DVD does.

    • Oh I fully expect Biollante will be made. Biollante has gained popularity in recent years and part of the reason there's so few Biollante products had more to do with it being a poor vinyl design than anything. MonsterArts is pretty much built exactly for this sort of thing.

      And while many UltraActs have been shown and not made, there are thousands of Ultraman characters. There just isn't that many Godzilla characters, so it's much easier for them to tease an Ultra character and not deliver than it is for Godzilla.

      Plus they're making Junior… Which is hardly a popular design choice. If they'll make that, they'll make anything, lol.

    • Yeah…I kind of can't believe I pre-ordered Junior. But in for a penny, in for a pound. For me with this line, anyway. The rest of my toy purchases are really going to suffer, though…

  4. Not a Godzilla fan (yet), but you Poe, I did it.

  5. I need to start selling off some of my older toys so I can afford all this greatness.


  7. Hey Poe… Hedorah was released for $120? 😉

  8. If I have to turn tricks to get these, I will freaking do it. Biollante is my favorite Godzilla film, and when you consider that the plastic chunk non-moving Biollante figure is usually over a couple hundred bucks, this is a way, way better deal. Liked it, AND shared it.

    • I'm actually wondering if that Godzilla is an actual SHMA prototype, or just a stand-in statue or something. I'm hoping it's SHMA, but waiting for confirmation from Tamashii.

  9. This thing is amazing, but these prices are killing me. It's Grayskull level almost. I'm still getting it. Also at Tamashii Nation that I LOVE are the Evangelion Angels. Those look so good, I'm hoping their inclusion in MonsterArts will actualyl happen.

    • They showed those Evangelion Angels at another event a while back, but no release date was announced…fingers crossed for you.

      I think Biollante and BioGoji have a decent chance of being made, though. Godzilla stuff still sells well in the U.S. But we'll just have to see…

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