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Two things popped up recently that made the Doc happy, toy-wise – the first, as gloriously pictured below:


If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, do yourself a favor and get ahold of the first season – I honestly believe that it is the great television series of all time, surpassing even the heights achieved by The Sopranos, Deadwood, Six Feet Under and Mad Men, and the critics agree as well. But consider yourself warned: the subject matter is often extreme and the series features some of the most unbelievable, unfathomable tension you’ll ever encounter, on television or otherwise. As the gripping plot draws to a close later this year, there is no better time for Mezco to gift us with toys – since Sideshow’s Trevor Grove teased us with his own 12″ incarnations of Walter White, Breaking Bad action figures have been a dream for many a fan, and it’s awesome to see Mezco’s product above. Hopefully we’ll see more figures before long – the possibilities are endless! Jesse!! Mike!! Better Call Saul!! And, of course, Gus, with a special “Face-Off” variant!


The second thing was the announcement of a 6″ Star Wars figure line, Star Wars Black, done in the Marvel Legends scale with the same high levels of articulation and detail that through the industry into a flurry back when ToyBiz was top of their game. Six-inch Star Wars figures have been a dream of mine since I started collecting. I’ve never been a fan of 3¾” figures, arguing that they lack the articulation and detail that makes collecting truly worthwhile, and although Hasbro has raised their game (and introduced amazing larger items that wouldn’t be achievable in the 1/12th scale, like in-scale AT-ATs and the Millennium Falcon, as well as awesome dioramas like Jabba’s Rancor) there is definitely a hole in my collection waiting to be filled. This has been danced around for a while, with the Unleashed action figures sating a particular audience who wanted larger un-articulated figures (some might even call them “statues”) many in ridiculous poses, but imagine it – a proper 6″ Darth Vader, with articulation!


The first wave will include Luke in his X-Wing flight suit, an Imperial Sandtrooper, R2-D2 and Darth Maul. I’m a little perplexed. Although the sculpting there looks amazing, why sculpt Luke in his flight gear when we’re not going to have anything to fly him in? I’ve already got this figure in 3 3/4″ scale in his X-Wing, and I wont be the only collector in this boat. From this initial line up, only the R2-D2 really appeals – while I get that Hasbro will want to pace the line, why, it seems strange not to have someone more notable in this first set. Darth Maul may have been a fan fav as “one of the only things not terrible about Episode 1” but he’s only a one-note villain who barely appears and says basically nothing!

What do you think, readers?


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  1. Fengschwing

    I'm with googum, as soon as I saw that figure and heard that R2 was in the same wave, my mind went back to those odd issues of the Marvel comic where Luke would be out on patrol in his X-Wing and run across an abandoned cruiser or something. They were some of my favourite stories, so this look is great for me.

  2. Monkey boy

    I think the purpose of the black line is a collector focused highy detailed representation of the characters in their iconic outfits. It’s not weird to get an xwing Luke and no xwing. It’s not about the ship, it’s about likes outfit. It’s visually striking, colorful, and features a lot of detail as well as a removable helmet. The idea of vehicles in this scale is a non starter; that’s not what it’s for. I believe the reason hasbro has shied away from this scale is that they can’t make vehicles and playsets…now that they’ve streamlined it to be “collector oriented” with a focus on detail and fancy packaging, they’ve found a way to make it feasible. But don’t expect a giant room-sized millennium falcon, unless some customizer makes it. That’s not the point of this line

    • Thommy/Uki

      Here I am, about to sell off the “extraneous” bulk if my SW collection, happy to retire as “that kind of fan” and simply enjoy the films and the few, choice pieces I’ve decided to keep. Enter Hasbro, heralding the focused, iconic line I’ve oft dreamed of these past years. I had comfortably chosen MOTUC as my collecting swan song. Now, I’m almost wishing SW Black had beaten Mattel to me and my wallet.
      Perhaps I can stay focused here and only grab the ones I really want, actually avoid being a completist for once. That Luke looks pretty keen, and Artooand Maul are pretty essential in my eyes. A Sandtrooer I can pass on.
      (I say that now, but wait until I actually come face to white, plasticky face with one.)

  3. LeeboFett

    I'm with dayraven,I just knew this was my final year collecting.Then Star Wars Black is announced.Bad thing for me is I know Star Wars is the only line Hasbro will just throw money at.They know fans will spend $200+ for an AT-AT or a Falcon for the 3 3/4 scale figures.Will fans spend the same amount for a smaller vehicle scaled for larger figures?Are X-Wing Luke and R2 being released in the same wave for a reason?

    • dayraven

      damn you man… stop making connections i hadn't made yet!! 🙂

      god help us all if they intend in making 6 inch scale vehicles, the AT-AT would be the size of a great dane. but you're right, the roster of that first wave is a tad suspicious, and if any line would get that kind of development dollars thrown at it, especially w/ disney backing this horse now, it'l be star wars. hell, last night chatting w/ my friend, i wasn't even sure if we were going to get offered some of the "only vaguely bigger than human" characters, like the wampa or a tauntaun… now you have me thinking about krayt dragons and slave 1 and the friggin falcon… thanks leebo

  4. Agent 86

    I think the figures look fantastic, but the line-up is unappealing to me.

    I *personally* just want Luke, Leia and Han in their "classic" attire from the first file (i.e. white tunic for Luke, white dress for Leia) or something somewhat classic like their Bespin costumes. In addition to Chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2 and Darth Vader. So … from the first line, only R2D2 appeals and I'm not sure I'm comfortable "starting" a collection with R2D2 who is going to seem over-priced for such a small figure, unless he comes with a bunch of cool accessories.

    I do look forward to hearing more about the second series of figures. And while I understand Hasbro's desire to "stretch out" the line, I can only look at my MOTUC collection and the fact that it's still missing Glimmer and Queen Angella and feel annoyed at this strategy.

  5. dayraven

    i'm so torn up over this SW black… it kills me. this is my line man, i've been waiting… and they unleash it near the end of my "i'm done" year. decisions, decisions…

  6. ridureyu

    This may be just the thing Hasbro needs to recover from their disappointing 4th Quarter revenue. It won't reverse the 10% layoffs, but it might help the company stabilize a little.

  7. Mike

    Two words: repaints and chase.

    If Hasbro is going along the lines of ML with this line, the first four are easy figures to stretch into repaints and chase figures.

    Aside from Maul (maybe alternate angry/calm heads), the other figures can be used for multiple uses, all with minimal tooling.

    R2-D2: easy clean/dirty paint jobs; attachments based on individual movies could be inserted for alternate releases as well.

    Luke X-Wing: simple head swaps here and you have an instant rogue squadron. With a little more tooling, you can even get Hoth snowspeeder Luke.

    Sandtrooper: the easiest of the three: alternate pauldrons/weapons, and the eventual Stormtrooper release as well as Han/Luke in Stormtrooper disguise.

    Nice initial lineup. I've been dying to get my hands on a line like this for over ten years. Hopefully, Hasbro won't screw it up. I see where they're going with this, and I think they've got a good plan in place

  8. Harrig

    I don't care about the 3 3/4 figures at all – I do have a couple of the nicer 12" sideshow figures though, and would love a couple of Stormtroopers if nothing else – a Sandtrooper is just cake icing though! I don't think it will be something I'd consider seriously collecting though – the range is potentially massive, or if unsucessful, disappointing as you just need that one last figure for your perfect collection…

  9. I dig Breaking Bad, but those figures don't interest me. But the Star Wars 6-inch? That may be just the ticket back into collecting Star Wars hardcore again.

  10. Black Arbor

    My sentiments exactly, Doc. If we can’t get a 6 inch scaled Quinjet, Fantasticar or Spider-Mobile ( I can’t be the only one who wants one) how on Gods green earth would we get an X Wing? All I really want from this line are a Boba Fett and Slave Leia.

  11. Dead Man Walking

    Makes perfect sense to me that they would produce a lineup like that. As with Mattel and MOTUC, Hasbro is trying to pace the line and sell as many figures as possible. Sure, they could put out Vader, Fett, Jedi Luke, Yoda, Slave Leia, R2D2/C3P0, and Solo in series one and then call it a line. But putting in some of these less desirables now keeps people hungry for the main characters. It's why Ram Man came out after the Star Sisters. Why leave money on the table?

    Thankfully, I'm not a Star Wars fan. I'll probably pick up Vader, Fett, and maybe Jedi Luke, but in general I just don't care about SW.

  12. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm dying to see what accessories the Breaking Bad figures get…

    Luke running around in his X-Wing suit is fine with me: I was a huge fan of the old Marvel comics, and he wore it there on occasion. I liked the old "Force Battlers" line, with a bigger scale; but that may just be me.

  13. Bigbot

    I wonder if we'll be able to take Darth Maul apart at the torso. I probably will skip this Luke as I'd want him in his ROTJ clothes. However, I bet when I see these I'll just pick up the whole wave still.

    I'm not interested in Breaking Bad figures if they're not going to be articulated, and I see no reason why Mezco would give them full articulation. Otherwise you have a cancer patient meth cooking action figure with 3 points of articulation. I love the show, but that figure pic leaves me wanting more.

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