Battlegrip’s Response to My Response on Star Wars Black 6″


So last week, Phil Reed wrote a post called, “Five Reasons Star Wars Black Will Fail.” I quickly followed up with a point-by-point response, “Poe’s Point > Star Wars Black 6″ Doomed From the Start? (I’m not so sure),” and now Phil has his own point-by-point response, “Star Wars Black: A Response to Poe Ghostal.” If you’re at all interested in the topic, go read it!

I’m not going to do my own point-by-point response again because I don’t feel it’s necessary, but I still don’t quite get how Phil can say that the lack of vehicles and kid interest is going to doom the line but it will still do well enough to oversaturate the market when the new movies come out. I guess the idea is that the line does well enough with adult collectors until it gets oversaturated with the new movies, and then all these other factors come into play?

My personal definition of the line’s success or failure is whether we get “Original Twelve + Boba Fett.” Now I’m ready to wait and see what happens.


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  1. Zenkaizer

    I'm definitely in the "Original 12" camp… Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up, don't really give half a crap about vehicles, aside from possibly a Landspeeder, or some cockpit dioramas.

  2. dayraven

    after seeing what disney did for the last toy story movie, i think phil severely misunderstands how "all in" a concept star wars is for them. star was has made a billion dollars as a franchise under the auspices of a guy who dislikes half the fans who are his paying customers. disney intends to make star wars a truly perennial property and as such, they will be investing hard and heavy in the various items they send to market. the 6 inch scale is fine, so long as the toys are well done, and these appear, those it's only an appearance, that they will be well done… that's all that's needed to yield a successful toy line. disney can pay for the shelf space, they can pay for the advertising, and it's star wars, one of the most successful licensed properties EVER. the audience is there, and they know it. they only way they botch this line is to mattel it. and even in their failures, mattel makes scads of cash, if they fail that well, they'll still have made money. 😉

  3. Misterbigbo

    My response to his response to your response to his response to the news about Star Wars Black is. . .

    WTF was I saying?

  4. Big R

    I think how you view this line all really depends on whether you actively collect 6″ scale. I see 6″ scale fans that seem to think this line can do no wrong, and I see fans of other scales think it’s going to tank. I agree with Phil but not for the same reasons. He’s way off target on the vehicle market aspect. I think its going to be in between- some will do well, some will pegwarm. I’ve said many times before I think 6″ is on the way out (take a look at what your LCS has in stock- what hasn’t sold and is warming the pegs.) I think 2 years from now you won’t want to see a Darth Maul or X Wing Luke ever again.

    I think some people online have taken Phil’s post personally and way out of proportion- collectors tend to take it personally when someone says what they collect is “going to fail” or is not the bees knees. I know any time that the topic of a scale falling in popularity is brought up, the fans of said scale take it very personally and get very aggressive. Not that Poe or Paul is doing this, or that i’ve seen anything directed specifically at them, but I’ve gotten a few “F U Brah 6 inch rules yo” emails from my comments last week, and seen a few aggressive posts in SW land. I think people’s excitement blinds their common sense sometimes.

  5. Black Arbor

    Are we still on this? To me, it's whatever happens, happens.

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