Happy Ram Man Day!

MOTUC Ram Man pic


It’s Ram Man Day – potentially the last really awful White Screen oDeath day (unless Mattel makes something like Filmation He-Man, and even then, they’d have to actually have a day-of sale of the figure to have WSOD issues). Good luck to the non-subscribers shooting for a Ram Man. Is he available for Early Access? One thing I haven’t heard much about is non-subscribers working out deal with subscribers to get a Ram Man via Early Access…if that were possible, Rammy might be sold out before noon even hits.

Here’s the link to the all-in-one sale page.

There are two other new things available:

  • Jitsu – Fisto’s counterpart from whatever the Eternian equivalent of the mysterious Orient is.
  • Phantom Stranger – Another character whose current popularity owes largely to his treatment by Alan Moore.

Then there are a lot of older MOTUC figures, vehicles, and accessories. I still think about picking up the flight stands sometimes, just for the novelty of it, even though I already have other things that are just as good or better.


Pic of the Day > Sherlock & Watson LEGO System Minifigures by Prfkttear


Pic of the Day > Link vs Dark Link – Figma by sir_winger


  1. clark

    Wow, I completely forgot about the release today. I had intended on getting Ram Man and Jitsu, but missing out on them doesn't bother me too much.
    I would probably still say that MOTUC is my favorite toyline, but I have either forgotten about or just been unable to get several figures that I initially wanted. What's odd is that I don't even get upset over it. I don't know if my interest in MOTUC, or all toys in general, is wavering; or if Mattel has just put me off of their product.
    I have never been one to get really fired up at Mattel (Stinkor's forearms definitely bothered me, but I never reached for my torch and pitchfork), but I think I have just become tired of them.
    Either that, or the nostalgic charm of reused of parts has finally worn off.

  2. T-bone.

    Dammit. I completely forgot it was the 15th today. Goodbye Rammy.

  3. ridureyu

    I'm guessing that Two-Bad will still cause a rush, as will the Horde Treooper ifwe get it, but Ram-Man will have to be the ultimate one. Shokoti might be the most popular of the Filmation sub, though. I'm really looking forward to Snake Face's sale day, myself, but that's just a Medusa thing.

    Off-Topic – today I got a little writeup posted about the Filmation characters! – And also posting today: http://www.actionfigurefury.com/blog/motucs-filma

  4. Harrig

    I Almost bought a second (I caved in to a sub when Poe did), but couldn't face depriving someone else. And the total of $55 didn't help… I probably won't use the second head anyway.

  5. Misterbigbo

    Now that I have ordered the last MOTUC I can foresee getting (barring FILMation He-Man or Skelly), a general sense of finality has settled over me. I’m a little sad even.

    • Misterbigbo

      Yeah, sad that the ONLY DOS that worked as it should was the last.

  6. Wow, mashing the reload button at 11:59a on a Matty Sale Day. Haven't done this in at least a year. XD.

    It was pretty painless, I'm happy to say. No issues with endless spooling or death screens. I was so close to subbing this year in order to make sure I got him. Now, I'm glad I didn't, but it could have easily gone the other way considering he was gone in six minutes!

  7. That was a quick sellout. Glad I subbed this year, so I don't have to worry about missing any figures.

  8. Congrats to all who got your Ram Man!

  9. De-Man

    I was actually able to get a Ram Man after all. Surprised and happy.

  10. Thebloodyawfulpoet

    Ram man sold out in just over 5 minutes.

    Non-subber here: managed to get Jitsu and RM with no hassle. No WSOD at all. I'm genuinely pleased.

    Still, I'm shocked at $82 total for just two Mattel figures. At least there's not much chance of me ordering that many ever again.

  11. misterbigbo

    I got in and ordered Rammy with zero WSOD or difficulty at all. Makes me think something wonky happened. . . But at 8 minutes he's sold out

    • Doc Thomas

      Mwahahahaha, yo go re and I over on OAFE were both in the same boat. He IMed me:

      yo: Well, that was painless!

      Doc Thomas: for me too… seems like something went wrong in DR/Matty land?

  12. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Ordered my ram man and jitsu… waiting for confirmation

  13. AmericanHyena

    Looks like Kobra Kahn didn’t make it to sale day. He’s listed as Sold Out 5 minutes ahead anyway.

  14. Today is 100% of the reason I subscribed this year.

    So glad I don't have to try and fight Matty for these guys.

  15. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    cause they're not putting sub items for early access. Weapons packs, con exclusives are fair game for Early Access.

  16. De-Man

    He's not available for early access. I probably still won't be able to get one.

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