New List at Topless Robot – “The Ten Best Action Figure Reveals at Toy Fair 2013 So Far”


Photo by JediCreeper

Topless Robot asked me to write up a quick list of the best action figure reveals from Toy Fair so far. I included a few things that were announced prior to Toy Fair but are basically part of the whole event.

The Ten Best Action Figure Reveals at Toy Fair 2013 So Far


Pic of the Day > Soundwave’s Spinning by nobudius5192


Toy Fair Quick Shots > DST Fully-Articulated Gillman


  1. Agent 86

    Not too much for me from this Toy Fair. I'll be hoping to grab Mantenna (MOTUC), Castaspella (MOTUC), Bebop (TMNT Classics), Rocksteady (TMNT Classics) and Wonder Woman (Play Arts Kai).

    That's about it. Seeing the 60s Batman stuff gives me hope that one day they'll do something similar for the Burton Batman films. That was the Batman of my childhood and while the DCUC Batman in that costume was decent, I want a screen-accurate Batman, Joker, Catwoman and Penguin!

  2. The '66 Batman stuff just isn't doing much for me. The figures just look weird — maybe because I'm so used to overly muscle bound toys, and these (while accurate to the source material) just look stringy and flaccid.

    The ¼ Scale Michael Keaton Batman is complete WIN for me though! A much more affordable alternative to the Hot Toys version! Hopefully a ¼ Scale Jack Nicholson Joker is in the works!

    • clark

      The 66 batman figures aren't interesting me either, because you know they'll look like crap when you see them in person and they have that cheap plastic shine, and production paint jobs. That said, I am very interested in the batmobile; and will keep my eyes out for the best pre-order price.

    • Black Arbor

      Well, I have faith in Mattel (at least regarding this line.) Sure, Robin could use some touch ups, and I'm none too excited that the Bat-mobile is going to be TRU exclusive (they must really like the 60's Bat-vehicles, having both the Bat-cycle and sidecar and the R/C Bat-mobile), but they seem to have a real passion for this line, as one would have to have to even consider making swim trunks Batman (which I will buy, 'cause it's awesome.) Plus, a building side playset ? With opening windows? That means you can stick the Breaking Bad figures in the back, and have them pop their heads out to sell Batman some meth!

  3. clark

    Neca is getting all my money nowadays too. I find myself buying figures from them, of characters that I don't care for, from properties I know nothing about. I still buy them because they end up being amazing figures; great paint/ articulation/ price. I am very interested in the 3.75" Lone Ranger figures, Portal, Team Fortress, and will continue buying Predators from them too.

  4. Mario

    NECA is, simply put, becoming a juggernaut. They'll be getting alot of my money this year, & hopefully, in the future too.

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