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  • Troops of Doom writes in to let us know they’ve just turned 5 years old, with 523 comics and 118 extra photos to date. The next five episodes will feature “Become a Troop of Doom” contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.
  • Mattel apparently sent out an email to 2013 Club Eternia subscribers revealing an accessory for an unrevealed Filmation sub figure, but I of course didn’t receive it despite being a subscriber. Anyway, it’s a sabre, and almost certainly belongs to Sea Hawk, a.k.a Etheria’s answer to Han Solo.
  • Christopher Tupa is looking for toy collectors to send him stories about playing with toys for a book he’s putting together called, appropriately, Playing with Toys. He plans to offer the book either for free or for a $1 fee that will go toward charity. If you’re interested in submitting something, check it out here. It sounds like a very cool project and I urge everyone to consider submitting.
  • Poester Barbecue17 has started a new series on his blog, ThEpicReview, where he examines the action figure history of various celebrities. Called “Stars in Plastic,” the inaugural entry features none other than the star of the decreasingly awesome Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis.
  • If you’re a fan of Funko’s POP Vinyl line, check out the work of The Funkustomizer, who, true to his name, creates custom Funko POP! figures. The Tom Baker Doctor Who and Space Ghost are two of my favorites.
  • I don’t always pass along promotional emails, but I was contacted personally by the folks behind Brobo, which are adorable plush anime-style robots, and I wanted to pass it along. They’re half toy, half night-light, all cop cute.


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  1. ridureyu

    Playing With Toys looks like a great project! I sent in a submission, which is also going to show up as a blog post tomorrow.

    This link should go live at 12:00 EST: http://nerditis.com/2013/03/01/life-in-plastic-pl

  2. Fengschwing

    I'm surprised how little buzz ThreeA getting the Marvel license has caused. No-one seems to be picking up on it.
    Mind you, ThreeA seems to be all fanfare and no product these days, so maybe the boy has cried wolf one too many times…

    • stack32

      One word: Re-imagined. I like some of the 3A robot figures, but I shudder to think what Wood's versions of Marvel characters will end up looking like.

    • Fengschwing

      I know where you're coming from. I just can't call it, I'm falling on the side of 'meh' right now but I bet when (if) I see them I'll probably be interested.
      Can't say I'm terribly interested in most of their output these days other than the meagre offerings in the 2000ad line. Still waiting for news on Microman and Solid Gold Deathmask just looks like Tank Girl lite.

  3. De-Man

    Interesting. I am NOT a subscriber and I DiD receive the email from Matty.

  4. Harrig

    I'd say that Bow would have a rival, but the Ascot says otherwise. Only Fred Jones is man enough to carry off an Ascot.

  5. George

    You know whats weird? I received the email and yet I have no subscription for 2013. Haha gotta love them idiots.

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