S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 1964


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This is what I’ve been waiting for since S.H.MonsterArts was first announced – a figure not from the 1990s era of Godzilla films, but from the 1960s-1970s – the ones I grew up on. And this is my second-favorite Godzilla design (after the one from King Kong vs. Godzilla). This is Godzilla as he looked in Mothra vs. Godzilla as well as the next film, Ghidrah: The Three-Headed Monster.

This figure was supposed to revealed at Toy Fair in NYC this week, but the sculptor, Yuji Sakai, requested it for Japan’s Wonderfest instead.

Let me give you some perspective on how excited I am for this figure. It was after I started collecting S.H.MonsterArts that I began picking up the occasional Ultra-Act figure as well. I knew they didn’t really work, scale-wise, with the existing S.H.MonsterArts monsters; the 1990s monsters stood 80-100 meters tall, whereas the 1960s Godzilla and Ultraman were only in the 40-50 meter range. But I hoped that, eventually, we would get an S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla from the ’60s, and then I could pit an in-scale, super-articulated Godzilla vs. an in-scale, super-articulated Ultraman. Yes, I collected some (rather expensive) Ultra-Act figures based on nothing but a supposition that I might, eventually, be able to create non-canonical crossover displays.

And yet, with every new S.H.MonsterArts reveal, I became more and more doubtful we would ever see a Showa-era monster. And then came this figure, like a big bolt of blue radioactive energy from the sky.

I haven’t been this excited for a reveal since Mezco’s comic-based Hellboy figures. In some ways I feel like all my collecting, throughout my entire life, has been leading up to this. Does that seem crazy? It seems crazy. But I think it might be true, too.

I’m guessing G ’64 will be available in August, based on the current SHMA schedule (unless it’s pre-empted by Biollante, but I’m not even sure Tamashii is going to produce that figure). I’ve been ordering most of my S.H.MonsterArts figures via American retailers like Amazon, but I will not be capable of waiting for this guy, so I’ll be getting him from a Japanese site in order to have him as soon as possible.

Big tip of the hat to Import Monsters for first breaking this reveal.


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Also came across this pic to show the size – it’s more or less the same height as the other SHMA figures.



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  1. PresidentJuggernaut

    I'm much more of a Heisei fan, so I've already got my ultimate Godzilla, but I think I'll need this guy too. Are we to assume that he doesn't include anything else? I've got to have some little old school maser tanks to display with these figures, that would make him a must have. Although I'll kick myself if I pass up on him and a great Gigan and Jet Jaguar come out.

    • I would love him to come with a more retro breath ray accessory than the one that came with the Heisei Godzilla, though I'll confess I'm not entirely sure what that would look like.

  2. Mario


    All they need to do now is give us Kong from the aforementioned movie, & Jet Jaguar, & this guy will be in toy bliss.

    • My wishlist, in order of most wanted to "least" if you want to call it that (all Showa-era), would be:

      Godzilla '62
      King Ghidorah
      King Kong '62
      Jet Jaguar

    • Mario


    • sam

      I want godzilla 75 with mechagodzilla 2 or the original godzilla from 55

  3. dayraven

    between these reveals, and the further badassity that is star wars black, has poe got his mojo back? i mean really, you're getting a '64 godzilla, and an R2 that holds luke's sabre hilt… if this doesn't bring back your smile, only dr mrs ghostal esq holds any hope for you.

  4. AgentRavage

    That is AMAZING news! I really hope that Showa era Rodan, Anguilas, and Mothra follow. Oooh, and Gigan!

  5. Ronnie

    I definitely want him, but he's a bit secondary to me and a tricky proposition- I was lucky to swing spending that much on a collectible for the ORIGINAL Godzilla, much less for a second one. XD (Mine is in pitched combat with my Super Robot Chogokin Megazord. [Sentai be damned, it's always the Megazord to me.])

  6. So cool they're making this!

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