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At their annual Toypocalypse event on Saturday night, the Four Horsemen unveiled their new Power Lords prototypes. The figures are in a 3¾” scale and feature a mix of regular and Glyos-compatible joints. More photos over at

The event also featured an appearance by the original designer of the figures, science fiction and fantasy artist Wayne Barlowe, and a Power Lords-themed cake by the folks behind the show Cake Boss, to be shown in an upcoming episode.

I’ll admit I’m a bit bummed these aren’t in a 6″ scale (more on that in an upcoming post), but they look fantastic.

The Horsemen also unveiled a slew of variants (pics via AFP) for the upcoming Raven figure from Seventh Kingdom Gothitropolis, including a really cool lizard/dinosaur dude who reminds me a bit of the old Everquest Iksar Warrior figure from 1999. There’s also a “Minotaur the Duck” with a really long history I’d never even heard of.

There were also plenty of old and new Outer Space Men figures shown. I’ve come to accept that I’m just not into this line. I tried to, because I try to love everything the Four Horsemen do, but I just couldn’t get into them. I think it’s still partly the scale…I just have a hard time collecting anything less than 6″ tall these days. (Again, more on that soon.)



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  1. grim123

    these look great but omg why a T crotch 🙁

  2. Monkey boy

    Owl and vulture = MUST GET. when do these come out??

  3. dayraven

    the raven's from gothitropolis, not seventh kingdom. 🙂 so are the vampire ladies. there was talk that a couple of the variants may belong to seventh k, but most are gothitropolis.

    the lizard thing is a quetzacoatl, that was iz's pet project.

    mr yac is the gent who first codified what minotaur the duck might look like, and was responsible for refuting tchalla's preposterous minotaur the duck argument. i just think that's a nod and a half to the once-vibrant fan ex community that spawned that nonsense, and given how much chatter minotaur has generated thusfar on the chatosphere, i hope he ends up included in the kickstarter campaign to fund these guys… in fact, i hope they all get included. why not put the whole crew on the table? but come on… minotaur the duck. he simply must be. anything else would be illogical.

    • Are the Four Horsemen going the Kickstarter route? I hadn't heard that. It would make a lot of sense, though.

      Fixed the Seventh Kingdom/Gothitropolis thing. Though honestly at this point, why bother with the distinction? I think it would be better to just include them all in the same world – aesthetically they're all similar enough.

  4. ridureyu

    I assume that they are holding back on the more visually-interesting aliens (like Arkus or that yellow one), but I find it disappointing that we aren't really getting to see how Wayne Barlowe's art will translate into these new figures yet. And if they're jsut sticking with the humanoids, then shame on them!

  5. stack32

    I like the scale, and Glyos compatibility, of OSM but just can't warm up to the figures themselves. I guess they're just too vintage?

    • I was going to say that the problem for me was the lack of ball joints, but I think the honest truth is the scale. I haven't collected the 3 3/4" scale since I got my last Star Wars figure in the 1980s, and I just don't seem to have any interest in it now – for reasons I'm not sure I can even articulate.

  6. Black Arbor

    Totally agree with you about the Outer Space Men. I find it funny that when Mattel does a legitimate batman repaint (like Crime Stopper Batman to the all black Keaton Batman) fans are all "why another Batman repaint instead of such and such a character?!" but when the 4H do a bunch of random color variants for the OSP, fans go apespit over it.

    • I think a big part of that is the Glyos factor. Glyos fans love different colorways for mixing and matching their builds.

  7. dasbookpimp

    I recently noticed that I lean more towards the 6" scale more than anything. That or Minifigures like the OMFG's or the SLUG zombies. But something about the Outer Space men drew me to pic that line up. (Only the Infinity Editions though) Maybe it's a Horsemen Thing, I don't know. The Power Lords 2ups look great. and I'll probably pic up the line for nostalgic reasons unless something happens between now and then that turns me off the figures. Less Quality. The detail is lost, Etc.

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