A Toy Aisle Troll is Brought to Justice

Much thanks to Power Pal PrfktTear for bringing this to my attention:

MERRIMACK – A former consignment shop owner will spend a year behind bars after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars worth of toys from Nashua and Bedford big-box stores.


Target’s “assets protection” in-house investigative team initially began looking into Moore-Flores in August 2011, three months before her arrest by Nashua police on Nov. 3 at the Nashua Target. Employees of the Toys R Us and Target were warned to be on the lookout for Moore-Flores after some high-end Lego box sets went missing from a store on Aug. 13, 2011, and she turned up on camera footage.

OK, so she wasn’t exactly a TAT, since it looks like she straight-up just stole stuff. Still, it’s good to see someone who steals toys in order to profit from them get their just deserts.


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  1. Big R

    Nice… you will probably see this more and more as time goes on. Those big LEGO sets, as a reseller around the holidays, those things go for stupid money. I have an old friend who works on their regional loss prevention team. Big box stores have a lot of tools at their disposal, video cameras everywhere and undercover shoppers, some even pay the same labs the police use, so they can prove a "pattern", before presenting shoplifters or scammers to police. There an infamous flea market booth toy-swapper in my area that does this an obscene amount, so much so that they've spent thousands to get charges brought, even agents buying stolen stuff from him at Christmas!

  2. lol, life is so hard you gotta steal toys

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    Is this the same lady that was swapping Lego sets at a TRU with her adult son a couple of years ago?

  4. dayraven

    in the immortal words of stone cold steve austin… "oh… hell… YEAH!"

  5. Every once in a while, these folks get caught! Note the former consignment shop owner part – these wwre clearly stolen for resale.

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