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I attended a family wedding this weekend. Included in the festivities was one of those collages with photos of the bride and groom as kids. My father spotted this pic and immediately sought me out to identify the figures, but I was stumped. Even the groom himself has no idea what they are, though he suspects he’ll recognize the name when he hears it.

There’s more to this pic – specifically, the young groom taking a bath – but I decided it was better not to post the pic of the young boy taking a bath on my website and just stick to the figures. However, I can tell you that based on context these figures are larger than 3 ¾”. I would guess somewhere between 5″-7″. The time frame is mid-1980s or so, although the figures could be a little older than that.

My best guesses were Coleco’s Rambo line or LJN’s Dune line. If there’s a clear winner, he or she will get a Poe Prize.

UPDATE: The groom has confirmed that these are indeed Rambo figures. And on a fun side note, there was a story told at the wedding where the groom, when he was young, wanted to change his name to “Turbo.” Perhaps this was his inspiration?


It’s Snake Face Day!


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  1. I concur that it's the Rambo figure line.

  2. Yep, Rambo and the Forces of Freedom from Coleco. From L to R, looks like: Nomad, Black Dragon, Sgt. Havoc, Rambo, Gripper, General Warhawk, Mad Dog, Turbo, Firepower Rambo, and Col. Trautman

  3. Ben

    Absolutely, with 100% certainty, it's Coleco's Rambo line.

  4. Baltan II

    I think it must be the Coleco Rambo line. The closest, most visible figure looks a lot like Nomad, further in the row you see a figure that looks exactly like Rambo’s head, red headband and all.

    Sealing the deal, is that further in the row, you can see a very clear view of Gripper, bright yellow claw hand and all.

    • You're right, that's totally the Gripper. I was wondering what the hell that was – it was the odd arm shape that made me think it might not be the Rambo line.

      Let's see if it rings a bell with the groom…

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