PoeGhostal.com joins forces with CollectionDX!

As many of you have already guessed, the mystery site that is now hosting PoeGhostal.com is none other than CollectionDX!

Since I started PoeGhostal.com back in December 2007, the site has grown from what was more or less a personal blog to a much larger enterprise, with regular contributors and a healthy amount of traffic. Over the past year or so I found I’d outgrown my webhost and was considering a host of options – everything from a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new server to shutting the site down entirely. Around this time, I met CollectionDX founder Josh Bernard. As we bonded over beer and a mutual obsession with plastic playthings, we discussed the idea of bringing PoeGhostal.com under the CollectionDX banner.

And so a few weeks back, PoeGhostal.com quietly moved to the CollectionDX servers. Now, what does this mean for the content here on PoeGhostal.com? Aside from a few new ads and the bar along the top linking to the other CollectionDX sites, PoeGhostal.com reader will remain the same. We may decide to work on more integration in the future, but for now, I just want to thank Josh and CollectionDX for letting us join their party.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to make a few little tweaks to the site. In keeping with the spirit of CollectionDX and my own growing interest in giant monsters and robots lately, we’ve got a new logo featuring the “Poe-Bot.” The art was drawn by PoeGhostal.com art director MechaShiva and colored by Nathan Newell of Dork Dimension. I’d like to thank them both for providing some fantastic art on relatively short notice.

The last change is that I’ve dropped the “Points of Articulation” part of the title and re-christened the site simply “PoeGhostal.com.” The PoA just seems superfluous at this point.

Anyway, we’ve got some great content coming up soon, so sit back and enjoy!


Pic of the Day > Babysitting, Because thats what we do now by Shindanrod


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  1. TerminusTypeR

    That Poe-Bot is so cool. Robots with hats, head crests, AND capes appeal to everything I like in a giant robot.

  2. Mark

    Congrats, and I love the Shogun Warriors style robot at the bottom of the page. The staff reminds me of the one from Starzingers / Spaceketeers.

  3. 3B_

    Congrats! Glad to see PG keep going and getting bigger and better!


  5. ridureyu

    I'm gonna miss the old mascot, but that's an awesome, awesome robot!

  6. I really admire you and anyone else who has been able to start a blog and keep it active for a significant period of time. I started ToySaleBoat.com with the intention of it being a toy blog, but I just could never find the time or motivation to post anything I thought was worthy. I started http://aisleshowyou.blogspot.com/ last year with the hope that single photo posts would make it easy to find content, but that sputtered to a halt after a month. I still love my logo though. Maybe someday when I'm unemployed I can find the time to do something with it.

    • Thanks for the kind words! Yes, time is at a premium for me these days. It shows on the site, too, I know, but I'm trying to work on that.

  7. Congratulations! You've just taken your first step into a larger world!

  8. Ben

    Congrats! All you Massachusetts-based toy nerds are now one happy family!

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