Video Review > Rattlor (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Poe’s Note: That’s right, at long last I’ve caved in to the fact that video reviews are the wave of the future. It’s where the money is, yo. And so to commemorate PGPoA’s first official foray into the world of video reviews, I’ve enlisted Doc Thomas to review one of the MOTUC figures I’ve yet to cover, Rattlor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and just maybe, you’ll learn a little something about yourself. Enjoy.



Pic of the Day > IMG_1078 by The Flash III


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  1. MAN ALIVE!!!! Doc Thomas better keep doing video reviews because this was unadulterated genius.

    I haven't laughed this hard in quite awhile, plus he managed to make a MOTUC review bearable!

  2. loochano

    I had a bit of a hard time following the review and getting a good image of Rattlor. Still, I would say this is probably better than about 80% of the video reviews out there.

  3. Funny, I don't remember taking LSD, but clearly I got my money's worth.

  4. This was really well edited. Nice work.

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