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The Glyos System is a series of toys produced by Matt Doughty and Michelle Doughty of Onell Design and sold exclusively on their website, www.onelldesign.com. These three-inch-tall figures feature a simple peg and socket joint system known as the “Fit Function” that makes them completely interchangeable with one another, allowing for limitless build options.

The back story for the series is fleshed out in blog posts, comics, and a series of animations and mini-games in the website’s Passcode section. Alongside Onell Design is Jesse Moore’s Callgrim, a mercenary character from the Glyos System story, and a compatible toy series that also uses the standard peg and socket construction.



Other official Glyos-compatible full production toy lines include:

Each of these companies or individuals work together directly with Onell Design to produce their own figures.

Another very important part of the Glyos universe is represented by the parts and expansion items produced by resin casters and customizers. Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen, Bah’Glenn Creations, Cassetteman Studios, and NiStuff’s 481 Universe have all worked on unique and expansive projects, from all new heads to complete resin figures.

The various creations that have been made available by a dedicated group of talented artists has greatly expanded the playability of the series over the years.

Argen Buildman

Argen Buildman


The story of Glyos is rich and detailed, borrowing from many pop culture and sci-fi backgrounds. In the Edge of Space exist the Travelers, a mysterious race tasked with keeping the universe running. Among them is the series’ flagship character, Pheyden. He exists in multiple timelines and dimensions, resulting in many Pheydens throughout the universe.

Other characters include the Glyans, the Delphi, the Sincroids, The Armorvors and the robotic Gendrones and Gobons. The expansive cast of characters and customizable nature of the toys allow fans to create their own characters with their own stories, all of which can fit into the plot by virtue of time travel and alternate dimensions.



Major Characters

Pheyden: The main character of the story, Pheyden is a Traveler, one of the guardians of the Glyos universe. Many different Pheydens exist, like Hades and Gearius, due to his unique abilities to duplicate himself and travel through time-space.



Phanost: An alternate version of Pheyden who was once a prisoner of the Armodocs. His hideous face is a scarred fusion of a Pheyden, Armodoc and a Sarvos. He serves no master but himself, and seeks to carve his own legacy free of his Traveler roots.

Callgrim: Also known as “Skullface,” Callgrim is a mercenary and the antihero of the Glyos series. Callgrim leads the Order, an ancient brotherhood of soldiers. He is sometimes a friend of Pheyden, sometimes a foe.

Argen: A Gendrone Buildman who gained sentience due to the influence of Pheyden. His goals are to bring about the ascension of the Buildmen and lead them to vistory against the Glyans.



Exellis: The Master Prototype Sincroid, Exellis is a mysterious character seen as the leader of the Sincroid race. Lost and in exile, he is rarely seen in the story material, but is one of the most popular and often produce figures in the series.



Govurom: The twisted, crazed fusion of a Sincroid and a Pheyden, Govurom is another seldom-seen yet popular character. He possesses strong mental powers and is seen as something of an antagonist in the story.

Rechlen & Aves: A humanoid and Sincroid pair of space trappers, Rechlen & Aves are from the pre-production days of Glyos when Matt was casting toys by hand. Figures were available in the early days of the series at conventions.



Glossary of Terms

  • Armodoc: Mechanical life forms created by order of Glyaxia Command to hunt down Villser. Due to an accident during their creation, they have become Traveler hunters. Armodocs have the ability to capture a Traveler using their arm cannons, then imprison them within the gooey confines of their bodies. If many Travelers are absorbed by a single Armodoc, they may be able to overpower it.
  • Armovor: Humanoid animal creatures wearing Black Core powered armor suits. Antagonistic force, opposed to the Delphi and all Travelers by extension.
  • Axis Joint: Spherical and tubular upgrade pieces for Glyos figures. They provide a round axis of movement.
  • Block: A vinyl piece that can be used to upgrade Rigs and other vinyl sets. In-story, they contain an artificial intelligence.
  • Colorway: Term for the various color schemes used on Glyos figures. Popular colorways include Glyaxia (yellow and blue), Spectre (glow in the dark), Phase (clear neon green), Stealth (clear colorless), Redlaw (clear purple), Infection (clear red), and Solaris (red glow-in-the-dark).
  • Crayboth: Psychic creatures from the planet Alcray. Usually travel in pods of three. Armed with an organic Phase blaster.
  • Delphi: A race of creatures that may be a future evolution of the Travelers, the Delphi have manipulated certain events in the Glyos universe to achieve an unknown mission (see Armodoc).
  • Drop: A term for the day of release for waves of new products. Drops happen once every couple of months. It’s not uncommon for items to sell out within minutes.
  • Gendrone: Mechanical creatures of the Glyos universe. Varieties include Gobons, Buildmen, and Phaseons.
  • Glyan: Humanoid characters in armor that populate the Glyos universe.
  • Gobon Blaster: A weapon consisting of a sphere and disc. Often used as upgrade items for Glyos figures.
  • LSA: Lost Sincroid Army, the group that is searching for their lost leader, Exellis.
  • Onell Design: The name of the private toy design group that produces Glyos System. Created by artist Matt Doughty and his wife Michelle.
  • Phase Arm: The standard weapon for Travelers and Sincroids, it is an arm cannon piece that replaces the hand of it’s user. Comes in many configurations.
  • Rig: Robotic powered armor suits that can transform into several different forms. Usually piloted by Travelers and Glyans.
  • Rig Runner: Hovering motorcycles used by the Glyans.
  • Sincroid: An artificial slave race with mysterious powers and origins. They were originally led by the “lost Prototype Master Sincroid,” Exellis.
  • Swing Joint: Hinged upgrade pieces for Glyos figures. They provide a 90 degree angle of articulation.
  • Traveler: The race of beings charged with maintaining the balance and order of the Glyos universe. Pheyden is a Traveler, as are some Sarvos. Travelers possess many powers, such as time-space manipulation, energy projection, teleporation and flight.
  • Warp Core: The material of choice for Callgrim and the Order’s weapons and gear. Seen most commonly in Warp Packs and Warp Bikes.
  • Warp Gate: Portals of great power that can transport beings through time and space. Can only be activated by those with Traveler lineage.
  • Warp: The ability of Travelers to teleport from place to place.



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  1. dayraven

    well done sir, primer course for glyos completed!

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    This was very helpful, thank you. I had heard so much in the nerdosphere about Glyos that I picked up a variety of stuff a few drops ago, primarily to see if it'd be something my son might like. He's too young yet to take them apart and reassemble by himself, so I have put them away for now. While most of the minifigures don't appeal to me, the Armorvor is just amazing. I grabbed one and see myself getting addicted to those. Just a wicked design! And the rigs are amazing, too.

  3. Awesome! But needs more crayboth.

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