I mean it


…I am not publishing any more news about Mattel’s SDCC reveals, no matter how awesome, until we get higher-res pics. Am I being petty? Yes.


Star Wars Black Boba Fett Possibly One of the Greatest Action Figures Ever Made


Pic of the Day > DSCF6134 by Popcornboy20


  1. the pictures they're releasing are obscenely small. you can't really make anything out.

  2. They're just getting us ready for Grayskull by making everything look smaller.

  3. They don't want you to repost the news, silly rabbit. Mattycollector is supposed to be the only site a Mattel collector needs!!!

  4. ridureyu

    Or Rock Lords with reversed armor!

  5. pemberto82

    I dunno. News w/o worthwhile pics is like a Castle Grayskull in a smaller scale than we were led to believe…

  6. Subsonic

    We got a Tom Petty overhere everybody :p

  7. AmericanHyena


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