It’s Karatti and the Fighting Foe Men Day

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I’ll confess I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of Karatti until the MOTUC version was announced. He seems to have a pretty cool design, although I’m getting a bit tired of the Trap Jaw legs (the side-to-side ankle action never seems to work on them).

As for the Fighting Foe Men…I worry these may have been another bad idea on Mattel’s part. A lot of fans seem uninterested in this set, and the fact that it’s a sub item makes it that much more annoying. My bill (plus shipping) for this month was $116, and I’m lukewarm on the FFM. It might have been smarter to pair the FFM with a more popular character, like Clamp Champ.


Pic of the Day > Marvel Mighty Muggs! by SnowHulk


Pic of the Day > Kenner Aliens Scorpion Alien action figure by splittyhead


  1. Doc Thomas

    Anyone know what the deal is with the $4 shipping discount?

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      Supposedly, subscribers and people who bought any of the following items: Wally West, Silk Spectre, The Fighting Foe Men or Karatti on 5/15 would get a $4 discount… there was no discount in my sub.

    • Doc Thomas

      Gotcha – thank you!

    • _RZ_

      There was no discount applied in mine either. The discount was there on my page, it just wasn't applied-actually it was put after the total! So at a quick glance it looks like it was applied… but I was still charged full price. That's a pretty dirty way to play ball.

      My phone call today to them was useless, so let's see if an email works.

  2. DarthMooby

    It's sad that between my MOTUC and Watchmen subs, SIlk Spectre is the only one I had any level of excitement for. I really think Karatti and the Foe Men are just complete messes. If it wasn't for the fact that they were threatening to hold other figures hostage ("not everything will be available to non-subscribers!"), I probably wouldn't have subscribed solely based on having to pay actual money for the FFM set. And I've happily subbed the second it became available every time they've offered! Everyone kept saying, "Oh, just wait until you have them in hand!" Well, I've had them in hand for a few hours now. I still hate them. I think I actually hate them even more. They've simply become casualties in my Fright Zone battleground display, with Dark Knight Returns Batman getting ready to deal the final blow to one. At least they can serve some purpose.

    • dayraven

      if you're considering selling them off, strike now while the iron is hot… if i had to suspect, a loose set of them, in 4 or 5 months, will barely net you 20 bones.

    • DarthMooby

      You're assuming the iron was ever hot. The whole reason I didn't sell them in the first place is because every outlet was already glutted with them, from eBay on down to the local shops. Add to that that they're still readily available on Mattycollector and it's clear that supply is far outreaching demand. It's a set that required me to go significantly below cost to unload when it was still unopened. Call me stingy, but I'm not into subsidizing someone else's collection, so if they have to be corpses and display dressing, they'll be corpses and display dressing.

    • Bigbot

      Mattel should have made them with no DOS like Fang Man.

    • dayraven

      the time period around day-of sales has a tendency, on ebay on least, to see price jumps to exceed the retail price. i've watched it happen many times over the last few years. i'm not assuming anything, merely stating that IF they were to experience a high point in resale value, it'd be now. if you've already done the research and they're not going for more than you paid for them, i'm not implying or asking you to subsidize someone's collection. you're absolutely right, keep them as cannon fodder, or custom fodder. my point to the above was that they will, i suspect, loose value over time.

      on the theory though, of subsidizing some one else's collection, that seems to me a very narrow way to see things. if you don't want them, they're garbage, for you. they don't serve an apparent purpose, and you sound like you regret the purchase in the first place… even if you lose some money on the re-sale of the figs, you've made more back, or spend less depending on your POV, to unload them even at a retail discount. the value of the space they take up could easily justify a small monetary loss. i'm not telling you to agree with me, but pointing out that there are alternate points of view on the value of keeping unwanted action figures, especially when someone else might appreciate them better. hell, take them to your local goodwill or salvation army, right the set off next year's taxes for the full value of the set… neutral monetary value, but you've allowed the chance that the figs might end up in the hands of a youngster who wouldn't ordinarily even know they existed. or, for future reference, keep your unwanted figs MIB and unload them at the holidays to toys for tots or something. there are many ways those figs could have value beyond their emotional mileage to you personally.

    • _RZ_

      So wait man did you sell them or not? First you say you can't sell them, then you say you did but took a hit. Where and how much did you get if you don't mind me asking? I think anyone offering them below $25 a pop is selling themselves short, why sell something for under cost the week it comes out? Please don't take it as an attack, I'm just curious as prices have been all over the place since April.

      Dayraven makes a bunch of great points there, lots of options, and it sounds to me like maybe subscribing is just not for you, you know? It works for me in my unique situation, but I would never, ever suggest someone else join up unless they wanted everything -everything- and were willing to sell the unwanted toys at a loss. It's far, far cheaper and less stressful to buy Ram-Man, Jitsu, Mantenna, and Fang Man at a premium than all the money and stress the sub is for some people. If the idea is to make a profit off of selling the extras, that just isn't (and never will) happen in the toy world. Just like a case of toys, there'll be one "hot" one and one "peg warmer" one always, always. If you keep the hot one for yourself, the rest you'll probably have to discount to move. Best you can hope for with a sub is to break even, and since a lot of MOTUC collectors sell too, you're always going to have a lot of timed work and stiff competition.

      The above-retail price you'd get for selling any two of Fang Man, King He-man, Jitsu, or Ram Man MOC can even out the loss you'd take on FFM… I'm sure at least one of those you have and dislike as much as FFM. Look how people bundle the toys together to make a lot, that almost always breaks even or a bit on top. And there's always the "Marvel Legends Toad" lesson- the figure nobody wants to buy because it "sucks" can sometimes be the most profitable in the long-long term- since "everybody" didn't buy it, everyone needs it to complete their collection down the road and will pay a premium for it.

      I disagree on FFM but I totally see why in your spot it sucks. Maybe a customizer might trade you the set and in turn make you a figure you want, I've done that before with great success. Have you tried your local comic shop? I happened into two boxed sets of Star Sisters and a Mer-Man in a lot I bought, and got the pleasant surprise of over $100 store credit from an area shop- I expected under $50 and it was more than I paid for the entire lot. Just trying to give you options and hope.

  3. Fengschwing

    No love for Wally West.
    Poor Flash.

  4. I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this month. I've liked the NA figures so far (while I'm not huge on the cartoon, I've always liked the toys) and I agree with everyone who has stated that the FFM really feel like they have vintage figures in their DNA.

  5. Harrig

    I love that hooded head!

  6. _RZ_

    I am really excited for the FFM. I've always wanted the model kit guys, even as a kid. I must have built at least two of each of the kits (they broke easily and were marked down incredibly cheap back in the mid-80's).

    Guys like these (and other never made, but have vintage roots figures, like Eldor) are what got me into MOTUC in the first place. I subbed to ensure I got these guys. But I totally see why some fans wouldn't want them. I know I'll eventually get SOH and Strobo- and all the other figures I want- but I feel for those who didn't want either FFM or Karatti and his candy rope hair- $117 shipped is a lot of scratch to pay for toys you don't want, and everyone else is trying to sell.

  7. Valo487

    I’m actually looking forward to the FFM, I thought they all looked really cool. The reason I’m not more excited in general is between Strobo and the Spirit of Hordak BS it almost feels like Matty is trying to turn me off to the line, and I’m usually one of MOTUC’s more positive fans.

  8. clark

    I think Fighting Foe Men look great, just not $95.31 great (and that includes a $4 shipping discount). I bet these are ones you can find on ebay later for a decent per figure price. Karatti sort of has a cool design, but a stupid, stupid looking face; so I'm out on him.

  9. dayraven

    i like the set, i think the ideas were cool, the execution of the figs proper is cool, and the bio is not awful… the only hangup i have is that damned price point. 81 bucks is literally costed out the same as a single pack figure, so there's no value-added element to the multi-pack, other than convenience of not letting mattel refuse to release one to complete your team… but since making them a team is a new idea, i don't think that sell feature really factors in here.

    and like tFhbD, i think we'll see their sales skyrocket on the secondary market when the price tag comes down, as they will make fine custom fodder.

    • dayraven

      oh yeah, completely forgot to mention karatti… wonder why that might be…

    • ero

      I agree. I was really against this set when it came out. I was thinking of becoming a first-time subscriber, and these just felt like Star Sisters redux. And in a way, they are. But they are, undeniably, Masters figures, with visuals firmly rooted in the art of the franchise (which to me is a stronger elements than mini comics or Filmation). There's a place for these figures, even among the hardcore vintage purists. The problem is the price. Any three pack for that price should be Horde Troopers, Comet Warriors, etc. Obscure stuff should be doled out piecemeal or, as DR notes, at a discounted price. That's the whole point of multi-packs. It's what hurt the DCUC and DCUC vs MOTUC packs at retail. Why pay more when you are, in many ways, getting less?

  10. I can't understand why the FFM are so unloved. From the first I saw them I've loved the designs, and I think it's a great idea of Mattel's part to take advantage of the model kit paintings to create three new characters. But I do completely accept that my opinion on this one is the unpopular choice; most people seem very unhappy with this set.

    • Bigbot

      I'm with you. I think they look great, but at the same time I was not a fan of the Star Sisters. That's why I can understand the hate.

    • It's not that I don't like the designs. It's that, as nice as they are, there are other things I wish I could spend that $80 on.

    • Okay. That I can understand. There's never enough money!

      I'm still amazed you're not just on Mattel's mailing list to receive review copies of their toys.

    • clark

      Poe might be honest with a sample he receives, not what Matty is looking for.

      Actually, there are some decent reviews out there of samples, but there are plenty that try to make every single MOTUC figure sound like the greatest figure to come out yet.

    • Eh, I'm not. I've never been willing to "play ball," so to speak. I think I went too hard on Scott at certain points, too.

      Besides, the only reasons to send out samples are:

      Promote the product so people buy it – most MOTUC collectors subscribe and almost everything sells out day of, so why bother?
      Keep a positive relationship with fandom via a few select reviewers – which is what they do with Pixel Dan and Fwoosh.

      Honestly, the real shocker is that they don't send IAT samples. They're never really too hard on the toys and their MOTUC reviews may be the most popular after Pixel Dan's.

    • Mattel never once responded to my mails asking to be added to their press release mailing list so I know where I stand with them. One too many criticisms I suppose . . . or I am just too damned tiny for them to do more than delete my mail without a response.

      But I still think Mattel should include you in advance samples. I feel they would benefit from some reviews that are very direct.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      They're a bit cool looking, but it's more of an aversion to their cost. Seriously, a Poopstorm was made with the Star Sisters (who were even cheaper than these guys.) Also, who in their right mind shoves a 3 pack when they raise costs "dramatically" (both for figures and shipping… Especially for the international customers)

      The sad part is that they look more like Custom fodder than actual characters. Got a set coming thanks to the sub, but IF later on I see them going for less than what they cost, I'd get it for customs.

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