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DSCF6134 by Popcornboy20

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I mean it


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  1. Zach S.

    Hey guys…I just wrapped up my custom team:

    Let me know what you think!


    That's a kick ass custom, I'd love to see this figure get an official release.

  3. Zach S.

    It's a very easy mod. I highly recommend giving it a shot…you just need a Rocky Apollo Creed figure and a Jungle Patrol Dutch for the basic mod.

    The Dillon mod inspired me so much I'm actually working on the full team now.

    • i would love to see the pics!

    • Zach S.

      I'll be sure to post them when they're finished! The squad's about 80% complete, just down to painting and fine-tuning/detailing.

    • I have to ask – where'd you get the head for Blain?

    • Zach S.

      Believe it or not, a Mattel WWE Kane figure. The bald version, with a scowl on his face, looks perfect with a little paint and an added mustache.

  4. what the fudge? this a custom dillon??

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