Star Wars Black Boba Fett Possibly One of the Greatest Action Figures Ever Made


You’ve already failed to get this figure at SDCC.

In what may be the greatest SDCC exclusive of all time as well as possible the greatest action figure ever made, Hasbro has unveiled their Star Wars Black 2013 SDCC Boba Fett exclusive courtesy USA Today.


I don’t know that I’m willing to put any of my friends through the torment of trying to obtain this figure for me. The good news is that undoubtedly only the Carbonite Han (and perhaps the smaller blaster) will be unique to this exclusive.

Between this and the S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla ’64, the universe seems determined to provide every single Holy Grail toy that young Poe conjured in his most fevered dreams.




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I mean it


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  2. If Han in the Carbonite, and the packaging, are going to end up being the only unique elements to this figure, I think I can wait 🙂

  3. I could see Hasbro releasing the Han in Carbonite at retail eventually since a few of their other SDCC exclusives have made it to retail, but in different packaging and maybe a slightly different colorway or with less accessories.

  4. Lovable-Bill

    I'll just wait and get $20 Boba at retail. $25 for a Han is not worth it to me.

  5. I'm not obsessed with Star Wars at the moment, so not getting Han is not really bothering me much. I'd be more bothered if I found out, say, the pistol was also exclusive to the SDCC version.

    That said, I'm not sure what my reaction would be if I were currently obsessed with Star Wars. I suppose I might be more annoyed, or already emailing friends who go to SDCC to beg them to get me one. As it is, as long as we get a regular retail release for Fett, I'll be fine.

    But if they cancel the line before the retail Fett comes out and this becomes a Super Grover situation I will be pissed…

  6. stack32

    So does Hasbro make plenty and take the extra sales via HTS or go the Mattel route and only make a few to hype the line? If these aren't plentiful and it's the only way carbonite Han is available I might preemptively quit the line rather than deal with the headache.

  7. I love it when companies make the coolest things that the majority of collectors would want an exclusive and screw themselves out of more money than if they made it readily available.

  8. dayraven

    wow… are there are some guys here who think i'm cynical?

    that is by far the most complete boba i've ever seen offered in a single package, and a fantastic way to kick off star wars black. i will definitely be making a plan to snag one, as my luck of buying the excess ones off HTS is non-existent (y'all remember they do that, right?) but come on, yahoo serious up there thinks it's too hyper-realistic and well articulated? um, this is star wars black, THAT'S THE SEX APPEAL. and yes, my kids will want to play with him, but they won't, cuz i won't let them. 😉 cuz i'll be playing with it. and i think this time, i might just even keep the package. maybe.

  9. Thommy/Uki

    Yup. Gonna need that!

    • Bling

      Very nice, but it will have to take a backseat to Batusi Adam West. There have been plenty of cool Fett and Han toys in the preceding decades.

  10. ridureyu

    I dunno. It looks like it has too much articulation, and that sculpting is way too hyper-realistic. No child could possibly enjoy playing with it, and no collector will care about how it looks. Harrumph harrumph kids these days.

    • It's safe to say I won't be getting any of these. 😉

      I am a little concerned that by doing this Hasbro has killed the line before it even started. If either the Boba Fett or the Han Carbonite are truly exclusive, meaning they won't be available anywhere else again, that will seriously turn off collectors. Collectors who aren't at the show and aren't willing to pay the inevitably insane eBay markup will wonder why they should bother to collect this line at all if they're going to pull this exclusive crap.

      If both the Boba Fett (in this colorway) and the Han Carbonite are repackaged as non-exclusives, that's okay. But making either a real exclusive is bad news. Maybe Hasbro doesn't remember the Playmates Star Trek 1701 debacle.

    • ridureyu

      I'm pretty sure it's just Han that's exclusive – which is sad, but better than both. I can see exclusivity raising a gigantic collector fire on the secondary market, though. Insaaaaaaane…..

  11. Fengschwing

    Doesn't hold a candle to the 3A version but then that was a one-off, so that's moot.
    Also, Hasbro have just taken a giant dump over ALL of Mattel's exclusives with ONE figure.
    Just think, with the money I'll save from not buying Shazam, I can buy this instead…

    • AmericanHyena

      I dunno about THAT. Shammy is admittedly a disappointment but I’m excited for the rock warriors and the He-Man and Skeletor minifigures. And I’m sure there are Barbie and Hot Wheels fans who are excited for their respective exclusives.

      Which is not to say Fett here is not DAMN cool.

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