The Sexual Tyrannosaurus & Friends Come to Plastic Life (i.e., custom Predator figures)


Poester Zach S sends along photos of his full custom team of the elite military badasses from Predator.


Click here for tons more pics! (And I’ve asked for recipes and will update the post if I get them.)

UPDATE: Here are the recipes, straight from Zach!

-NECA Apollo Creed + NECA Jungle Patrol Dutch + NECA Jungle Extraction Dutch hands
-Mezco Heroes Sylar Hat

-Jungle Extraction Dutch + NECA Rocky + Mattel WWE Jon Morrison head
-Mattel WWE figures for the vest/hat

-Jungle Patrol Dutch + Mattel WWE Kane head
-DC Direct Preacher Saint of Killers hat
-Old Painless – Big Lots Marines playset & other assorted military parts

-Jungle Extraction Dutch + Mattel WWE Ezekiel Jackson head
-Custom vest built from Jungle Patrol Dutch’s vest, Mattel WWE hat

-NECA T-1000 + Jungle Extraction Dutch + NECA T-1000 Head
-Custom vest built from Jungle Patrol Dutch’s vest, Mattel WWE hat

-NECA T-1000 + Jungle Extraction Dutch + NECA Prometheus David 8 head
-Mattel WWE hat & glasses


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  1. dayraven

    holy shit, that was quick! i have yet to lay eyes on any of the figs from that set yet, and this dude has a whole custom team already? my TRU sucks.

  2. It seems foolish to me to boast that one is a "sexual Tyrannosaurus".

    Seriously, just picture a t-rex humping, folks; that is not an elegant image.

  3. Wow. It seems like these guys would be a license for NECA to print money. Great work on these customs!

  4. so… bad… ass!!!!!!!!!!!
    i envy you great customizers dedication and talent!!!!!
    take a hint neca! make these damn figures!

  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!

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