Ultraseven returns to Ultra-Act, Kiryu joins S.H.MonsterArts

Recent days have brought two new announcements to light that I’m pretty excited about.

Ultra Seven (Renew) (R)  ultraactnewultraseven1ultraactnewultraseven2

The first is the announcement of a new “renewal” version of the Ultra-Act Ultraseven. While Ultraman is fairly well known to even the most casual pop culture observer, Ultraseven’s eponymous series is actually more fondly remembered in Japan. Bandai has been revisiting the Ultra-Act line to produce newer, better versions of figures they’ve done before, and having done Ultraman, Ultraseven is next on the list. I’ve been watching the series (Amazon) and so far, I have to admit I think Ultraman (Amazon) was a more entertaining show, but I’m only about a third of the way through Ultraseven.

Next up is the next S.H.MonsterArts figure: Kiryu, a.k.a. Mechagodzilla III.


This one’s a bit of a surprise. Kiryu already had a pretty good Soul of Chogokin figure about ten years ago. I’d been wondering if Bandai would be reluctant to revisit these characters for S.H.MonsterArts for that reason – I guess this answers that question.

The SHMA version will likely be slightly shorter, better articulated, and feature a bit less diecast material than the SOC figure. I never got the SOC one and it goes for big bucks on eBay these days, so I’m more than happy to spend my money (looks like it’ll be about $100) on this version. Kiryu is my second-favorite Mechagodzilla design, so I’m psyched about this reveal. Now all we need is a Kiryugoji (the Godzilla suit from this movie, soon to star in IDW’s Godzilla: Rulers of Earth) to go with him.

I had hoped the next SHMA reveal would be a 1964 Mothra, but with this character, Bandai has shown they’re going to produce figures from all eras.


Pic of the Day > Doctor seeking examination by SnowHulk


Pic of the Day > King Kong vs Godzilla!!! by Jova Cheung


  1. I knew I should have sold my version 1 Ultraseven when he was still priceless!

  2. TerminusTypeR

    I keep meaning to try getting into Godzilla movies. That Kiryu makes me want to even moreso. I might end up buying it regardless if I have the money at the time it releases…

  3. Even more pics of the new Kiryu here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.5953571

    The backpack is removable (as one would expect).

  4. _RZ_

    Really? Thanks, guess I've got to take a look at that M.O.G.U.E.R.A. again!

  5. _RZ_

    For me, I like the robot characters (Kiyru, Mechagodzilla) to be diecast.

    I think that SOC Kiryu's neck didn't move very well if I remember, so for those who don't care about cold metal, this new one should be great. Did that toy get expensive? Last time I was interested in one was long, long ago, and they were around $40-50+s/h.

    I would have preferred a straight 64 Mothra personally. There aren't a lot of toys of that design that aren't ridiculously expensive. I like all eras of Kaiju but the 60's-70's characters are not really represented well nowadays and are my personal favorites.

    Is there diecast in any of the SHMA figures? I thought they were all plastic.

    • Nope, there's some diecast in the robot characters – Mechagodzilla II and M.O.G.U.E.R.A. have diecast parts in their feet and torso.

  6. Too excited about Kiryu! I own the SOC version so Im curious to see how this new one turns out!

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