When Worlds Collide: Masters of the Universe vs. DC Universe


Yeah, so, this is happening.

Y’know, I still think Teela’s outfit is ridiculous yet completely in line with the New 52.

Is it me, or has DC’s take on MOTU become barely recognizable as such? Why can’t I get excited about this? I usually love franchise crossovers. I’d like to think it’s not that my inner MOTU fanboy has somehow withered and died.

I guess the iconic looks of the characters are part of what appeals to me, and DC has kind of eschewed all that in favor of trying to make the franchise as realistic and gritty as possible.Β Is DC’s MOTU working for you?

I realize this basically makes me one of those old fogy, change-hating geeks, but give me this Superman vs. He-Man any day.




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  1. Enigma_2099

    **** 'em. Where's Thundarr!?!?!?

    • chalkywhite

      Hell, if you think that THIS is gonna be bad – check out the awesomely abysmal He-Man series #2 from your very own favorite brain-damaged DC writers which reared its unwanted head out of the slime pit yesterday.

      It's the kind of comic that any self-respecting evil genius wouldn't touch with someone else's ten-foot staff of ultimate power.

      Giffen deserves the real credit for killing off MOTU – no doubt of that. His sheer unfathomed incapacity as a writer (I use the term real loosely) has killed off any chance of a decent He-Man comic for years to come.
      He's done for this brand what King Herod did for childrearing.

      To Despondos with him – and his DC cronies – forever.

  2. _RZ_

    This comic is looking to be like going to a very nice restaurant, pouring an entire can of Mountain Dew over your meal, throwing your entree like a Frisbee across the room, and following it all up with a bungee jump out the window while quoting Austin Powers lines… way old already-done ideas, redone without class or respect, appealing to no one.

    • dayraven

      excuse me sir? pop culture reference laden hate speech is kinda of my purview. if you'd kindly step off, that'd be great, mm kay? πŸ˜‰

  3. i am excited to read it. these crossovers always get some things way wrong and have some really weird stuff, but they are normally at least a lot of fun!

  4. I don't trust any MOTU comic that isn't expressly designed to sell me toys.

    I'd be all for this new comic version of MOTU if it was actually any good. I could deal with re-designs if they were actually any good. I could deal with sucky re-designs if the story was actually any good.

    The big problem has always been that while MOTU has a rich mythos to draw upon and a menagerie of unique, cool looking characters, nobody seems to know how to make it NOT ridiculous. Because, let's face it, it is a bit. So the only way you can go forward in a way that might work is if you go DEADLY serious or you embrace the ridiculousness of it all and make it tongue-in-cheek enjoyable. This new series tries for both and achieves neither.

    People can say what they will about the MVC stuff way back when but it had its heart in the right place AND their hands were tied by Mattel. It looks like DC have been given the sort of free reign (to a certain extent) that I wish the guys at MVC had've had.

    Forget about comparisons to anything that's come before – what a missed opportunity with MOTU to attempt a fun, new sci-fi/fantasy mash-up for a whole new generation of readers.

    In my dream world, I would like to see a Mike Allred drawn, David Lapham written MOTU series with Dan Brereton covers. Could you imagine that?

    yr pal,


    p.s. I'm still buying this comic regardless because I'm a hypocrite.

    • chalkywhite

      Bang-on – you got that 100% correct in every way – and a lot of comments from fans echo your view. This is gonna do REAL harm to MOTU – it's now an add-on to the DCU – and nothing in its own right. The recent DC comics have been DIRE – they read like bad, bad, student parody – and this is now the pits.

      To hell with it – and DC.

  5. Fengschwing

    So does this mean we're going to start seeing these new MOTU designs turning up on DCUC bodies over at Matty?
    Probably not.

  6. clark

    -He-man really needs an overhaul. His design is dated and his fur shorts are somewhat inappropriate. What ideas do you have on an update?

    -How about a codpiece?

    -Love it, make it happen.

    • It still seems a bit incongruous to me that He-Man is given pants but Teela's wearing even fewer clothes than her already-skimpy vintage outfit. At least vintage MOTU offered equal opportunity objectification πŸ™‚

    • MegaGearX

      Yeah, I think that's the gist of it right there. He-Man wearing clothes suddenly objectifies Teela, who normally wouldn't be objectified because He-Man wears even less clothes than she does.

  7. Mario

    The MOTU re-designs are as uninspired & cheap as it gets. As far as I'm concerned, they're actually worse than the NU52 ones, which, is saying quite a bit.

    • MegaGearX

      The MOTU redesigns for DC ARE New 52 designs. LOL! I wonder which alternate Earth MOTU is on.

  8. Ben

    I’m really looking forward to this awesome comic book crossover series!! I love reading these crazy and unheard of crossovers in comic books, it makes it extremely exciting to see some of ur favourite characters from different worlds face off against each other! BRING IT ON I say!!! Really looking forward to see Batman against the MOTU characters. Hopefully there is a nice splash page of various characters fighting from both DC and MOTU.

  9. Thommy/Uki

    I’m looking forward to this. Wondy and Teela at the same time? Yum. While this version of motu isn’t my favorite, it’s still good fun for me. πŸ™‚

  10. stack32

    A He-Man that wears pants is no He-Man at all.

  11. Weird stuff has been going on in DC lately..

  12. Well I guess the two franchises will at least fit together better in the comics than they do in the toys. Unless DC is planning to canonise the whole “eternians are bigger than earthlings” muckamuck.

  13. Dead Man Walking

    There are only two professionals I trust to redesign MOTU: the Four Horsemen and Emiliano Santulicci.

  14. dayraven

    my only reservation on this is superman's secondary weakness to magic… meaning pretty much everyone except man at arms ought to be able to stomp him into the ground like a wad of used hubba bubba.

    other than that, bring it on. i don't fear some new in my motuc. i get where you're coming from though poe, about motuc fatigue ruining your excitement, but i look at it like this… it's non-scott-spoiled motu. even if some of the changes to the new motu aren't my favorite, they're free of scott, that's a huge step in the right direction. any time dc would like to employ me to write them some better motu stories, i'm right here.

    there could be some easy and intriguing crossovers here though, especially in light of the he-mom being an earther… could she be an agent of project cadmus? what if despondos were within spitting distance of apokolips? what happens when the trollan cosmic enforcers run headlong into the green lanterns? what if the ram stone were made of kryptonite? if power girl and she-ra had a swimsuit contest, wouldn't we all win?

    • dayraven

      why does he-man have a boot knife in the old clip there? i've never noticed that before… since when did he carry a boot knife?

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      Mini Comics Pre Filmation He-Man had a knife.

      While DC MAY have more freedom with the property compared to what the MVC guys had, I'm sure that Neitlich has SOME Influence… not sure of the amount, but I'm pretty sure he has some. Also Blegh! on NU52 MOTU designs…

    • supes magic weakness is often strangely described. it's always written that magical blades or edged weapons cut him easily, but magic blasts and th elike dont just incinerate him, but hurt way more than regular enegery blasts. and then blunt magic weapons dont seem to cause any more effect than smashing him with another blunt object? and then if you have magical strength he can take it liek any other super strength character (solomon grunder, wonder woman, etc).

      so i'm guessing he will be brawling with an unarmed heman because the powersword should go right through him, lol

  15. Sunny

    Nah, I'm pumped for this! Been waiting for ages for this to happen. Now Mattel – get those DC New 52 characters made using the MOTUC buck!

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