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Nov/Dec 2013

The largest Godzilla figure from Tamashii Nations to date, the massive Biollante joins the incredibly detailed S.H. MonsterArts line! Highly requested through consumer feedback, Biollante has finally been approved for release after extensive testing to maintain the quality fans have come to expect in the line. To further insure authenticity, the original creator, Fuyuki Shinada, of the Biollante model used in the “Godzilla vs. Biollante” movie was brought on board to personally plan, sculpt, and approve this piece to create the most accurate articulated Biollante figure ever. Replicating her pulsating core just like the film, the chest area features a special light-up gimmick and light color band that be changed via control switch. S.H.MonsterArts Biollante’s meticulous sculpt detail, massive proportion and thorough articulation at every neck joint allow for realistic portrayal of scenes from the movie. At an astounding 12″, Biollante dwarfs even the mighty King Ghidorah, making her the largest foe Godzilla will ever tangle with.

Every so often, you get a toy you never, ever thought would get made. “Super-articulated Biollante” are three words I never thought would go together. Godzilla vs. Biollante is one of the three Heisei films I really enjoy (my favorite is The Return of Godzilla, followed by Biollante and then Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II), so, despite the $230(!!) price tag, I’m planning to get this figure. This, hopefully, will represent the high-water mark for S.H.MonsterArts in terms of price…I can’t think of any other Toho monsters, at least, that would be this large.

The Godzilla in the image above is the same statue/maquette of the “BioGoji” figure we saw when the Biollante prototype was revealed. The BioGoji suit is my favorite Heisei suit, and I sincerely hope we get a BioGoji SHMA figure to go with Biollante. I’m sure most of you think all Godzilla suits look alike (you kaijuists!), but the BioGoji suit is leaner and more ferocious than the ’94 Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla suit, which is the current “regular” Godzilla available in the S.H.MonsterArts line.


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  1. TerminusTypeR

    This is so cool! My goodness! The Monsterarts line just seems to keep getting cooler and cooler. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist buying at least one or two.

    I admit too, seeing this come back out of nowhere gives me a bit of hope maybe the Monsterarts Angels will come out eventually. Well…Sachiel. Don't care about the rest. Just want that one for Eva 01 and I'm good.

  2. BBTS has it on pre-order sale for $214.

    So Tamashii, can I just… can I just have my paycheck auto deposited with you guys, because at this point, that would just save me time.

  3. I want this, but the light up stuff is needless and is no doubt driving another $20-$30 into the price. For $230 it should have the larva rose form. I'm probably going to wait for a sale.

  4. jackstatic

    AND he lights up! Sheesh….. between this and castle grayskull my wallet will be hurting come the winter

  5. _RZ_

    I'm not big on the Heisei era (love the movies, but only collect Showa) but this is a really big deal for Godzilla fans who are. $230 is a lot but I could see it doubling in a few years time, not to mention how difficult it is to get some of the monsters in any form, vinyl or SHMA. This is awesome.

  6. Dead Man Walking

    The popularity of the Godzilla films have always baffled me, but as toys these characters do look pretty amazing.

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