Dutch redux

Until I came across this recently while doing research for my Dutch review, I never realized the Special Forces team in Predator was a private military organization. That must have been one hell of a corporate after-action review. “Let’s see. Every single member of your team is dead except you. You spent or lost $10,000 in weapons, gear and ammunition; your CIA liaison is dead, damaging our working relationship and resulting in their refusal to pay the balance of their invoice; and you ‘inadvertently’ caused a small nuclear explosion that nearly set off a missile exchange between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Oh, and you blame all of this on, and I quote, an ‘extra-terrestrial creature that hunted you and your team for sport.’

“Major Schaefer, it may be time to consider a new line of work.”


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  2. Fengschwing

    Ah, but did you get the link with Commando and Die Hard 2?

  3. If they can tie that in with the Expendables, it would be great!

  4. ridureyu

    And that's why action movies are hilarious!

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