NECA’s Pacific Rim

Having opened and played around with NECA’s Pacific Rim figures, Gypsy Danger strikes me as a cross between McFarlane’s Interlink 6 and Actionheads’ original Fox Sports Robot.

Reviews coming.


Red Iron Winner > Hey, I wear a magic ring, I’m not going to do any contortionist crap, okay? by The Flash III


Disco Lando


  1. Izdawiz

    Can't wait Poe! Looks like Wayne Barlowe kicked some serious behind on the creature design for Knifehead.

  2. dayraven

    please? i watched a video review of the knifehead fig, and i swear that kid missed at least two points of articulation on the fig that i could see. i'm curious of the thoughts of a more respected and well trained reviewer.

  3. ridureyu

    Knifehead's the one I'm really looking forward to.

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