Red Iron Winner > Don’t Tread On Me by MisterBigBo



Poe’s Note: MisterBigBo went patriotic with this one. I liked the background and the anachronism of it.


Review > Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Aliens, NECA)


Odds ‘n Ends > The Four Horsemen get a new site, Mordles arrive, Biollante to spring up in November


  1. LOL this is perfect!
    will you post all the other entries in one thread for everyone to see?

  2. Misterbigbo

    Thanks, Poe. Ole Gee Dub One would have been about the last person to ever strike that pose.

  3. Bigbot

    We the people!

    • dayraven

      someone's a WWE fan…

      what i want to know is… will the bioshock GW be able to take the red iron?

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