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In November of 2012, Mattycollector released another (surprise surprise) variant figure of a character we’ve already had in the Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line. Lo and behold, It was the “Eternos Palace King Randor”, which, roughly translated means “The-Filmation-Cartoon-Version-That-You-Always-Kinda-Wanted-As-A-Kid-But-Also-Didn’t-Really-Need King Randor.”

For many MOTU fans, this was a long-anticipated dream come true.


You might remember King Randor. He’s Prince Adam’s dad. He spent about 97% of his time in the original He-man and The Masters Of The Universe Filmation cartoon SITTING DOWN on his throne. To me, he always came across as a bit of a royal buffoon who, when he wasn’t sitting down, was only there to scold Adam or throw his head back and laugh at Orko’s hijinx while sitting down.

I always thought Queen Marlena was way cooler than King Randor in the Filmation cartoon. She often came across as being:

  • exponentially smarter than Randor.
  • a strong, powerful ruler.
  • a nurturing, loving mother to her son Adam (and perhaps even secretly knew he was He-man)
  • all of the above

AND (this was the best part) Queen Marlena was a former astronaut from our very own planet Earth. I wonder if she went to Astronaut School with John Blackstar? Now, there’s a Filmation cross-over I’d like to see. Meanwhile, King Randor wore orange tights, little blue bootsies and constantly sipped a (most likely) alcoholic beverage from a goblet while sitting down on his throne all the time.

By comparison, the way the character of King Randor was handled in the 200x animated series was actually pretty good. He was a no-nonsense, barbarian-warrior-style of king who lead his men heroically into battle. Whenever I watch that first episode of the 200x Masters Of The Universe cartoon, I often think I’d have rather watched a show just about Captain Randor and his men fighting Keldor and his rogues. It’s far more compelling. The second that Keldor becomes Skeletor and Prince Adam turns up, I kinda stop caring. I know that sounds odd. Let’s hope they make a 200x King Randor at some point in the Classics line.

I should mention that, as you can plainly see in the photo, King Randor comes in the exact same packaging that we’ve seen before from MOTUC, time and time again. He is packaged holding his infamous goblet full of booze. I have it on good authority that Randor’s wine is made up of only the finest Eternian Grapes and crushed Gooble Eggs. Or maybe I just made that up. You decide!


King Randor’s bio is pretty inoffensive as far as MOTUC Bio’s go. It doesn’t give him any new ridiculous name that adds nothing to the character like KREANN’OT N’NOROSH or Gur’rull Gu’rrooowarrrk or Raqquill Rqazz (what? Racquel Welch?) and it doesn’t explain an awful future plot point like the completely preventable death of Man-at-Arms as a SNAKEMAN at the hands of Clamp Champ. Don’t get me started on this. But while I’m here, where’s Duncan’s mustache go when he becomes a Snakeman? Where? WHERE? Ridiculous.

No, King Randor’s bio is a pretty standard, modern MOTU canonical bio. It is interesting to note however, that the bio, while essentially telling the exact same origin, is written completely differently from the vintage-style MOTUC King Randor bio.


King Randor has the standard MOTUC torso and the same head sculpt as the original Classics Randor. He also has 3/4 of the legs that have previously been seen on Fearless Photog. The Photog leg likeness ends at Randor’s comfy shoesies. I’m assuming Randor’s blue bootsies are new sculpts because, unless there’s been a Dark Knight Returns MOTUC-style Robin and I missed it, nobody else in the Motuniverse wears slippers like these. Only the King of Eternia could be so bold.


Randor has a tunic that is non-removable in much the same way as Dekker‘s restrictive tunic. Randor does have a soft plastic, sculpted blue coat that you can remove if you want to, but it’s ultimately pointless to do that because his newly sculpted blue puffy arms remain long after his coat is gone – which would just look silly. This is mostly okay, however, because the whole reason you’d have this Randor is to have him looking exactly the way that he does. Even if you could choose to take his coat off, you probably wouldn’t anyway.

The paint applications on this figure overall are okay. In contrast to the gold crown of the first Classics Randor they’ve used a lighter, less gold and more yellowy paint, obviously to fit in with the Filmation colors. That same yellow matches up pretty nicely with his yellow belt and yellow wrist bracelets. On my figure, the yellow paint of the crown bleeds into his brown hair at the top of his head. You can look past that for the most part, but far worse on this figure is where the blue of his puffy arms has been unevenly painted over the red of his forearms. You won’t notice it from a distance but close up, it looks particularly sloppy.

The aforementioned paint issues are a definite quality control concern for this figure. I’d be curious to see how much better or worse it is on other Filmation Randor figures.


Unlike many other Classics figures, articulation is not as much of a feature with this King Randor. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to think of a MOTUC figure with less articulation that isn’t the Cringer that came with Queen Marlena. And he was more of a cute prop than a bona fide figure.

And that’s a little bit what this King Randor is. A cute prop that was made to resemble his cartoon counterpart and that’s about it. It’s a pretty static action figure, particularly for the Classics line. Sure, he has regular head and wrist articulation but his arms have no bicep swivel joints. Adding insult to injury, his coat restricts the freedom of his abdominal movement and then there’s that super restrictive non-removable tunic.

That damn tunic. See, I can deal with Dekker‘s tunic. I could even deal with She-Ra‘s skirt (well, at least until SWIFT WIND but they sorted that out with Bubble Power….was that their plan all along?). But King Randor’s tunic is a real let down. And you know why, right?

Because King Randor, especially this Filmation incarnation, predominantly SITS DOWN ALL THE TIME. What kind of Filmation King Randor figure can’t sit upon his throne? Randor’s restrictive tunic means that he can’t sit down. Like, at all. King Randor is supposed to do THIS. I’ve taken pains early on in this piece to irrevocably establish that this is 97% of what Filmation King Randor ever actually does. This. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can move past this massive oversight.

Let’s all calm down together by taking a look at Randor’s accessories.


Filmation King Randor has the same spear (albeit a different color) that his original counterpart did and in turn, Whiplash originally had. It’s perfectly fine.

King Randor also has a horrible necklace that is cartoon accurate but annoying if you remove the clear plastic band that holds it in place initially. If you haven’t already removed that plastic tie, I would suggest leaving it on. His necklace rarely sits properly without it. A minor quibble at best, compared to that tunic. The one that makes it so he can’t sit down ever.

The best accessory, and arguably one of the best accessories that MOTUC has ever had, is the vac-metal goblet with Red Gooble Juice in it. It’s a really nice piece of work and a brilliant prop. Unfortunately a fantastic prop goblet that was made to be held by a King Randor that is more prop than action figure.


“Sham-pag-nee, milady?”

I love Filmation. I do. I was ecstatic when Mattel picked up the license and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Filmation Sub. However, I could’ve used a Filmation Hordak or any one of the countless other Filmation characters that have never existed in action figure form before King Randor.

Despite that, I would still like a Filmation King Randor – I totally understand that he has an iconic look in the cartoon that was never replicated in his original figure. And I was prepared to come to that party.

But do we need two Randor Figures? I firmly believe that Randor should have been done as an SDCC exclusive just like Marlena with alternate costumes. One figure that you can change from Vintage to Filmation to 200x. Maybe that’s crazy. Maybe that’s AWESOME.

Failing that, I at least want a Filmation King Randor that can SIT ON HIS THRONE.

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about his sitting abilities, he’s still a decent, toon accurate representation of the cartoon character that’ll look good on your shelf in a limited variety of poses.

[raven 2.5]


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  1. again proving why Hoard World is one of the best sites around!

  2. For my perspective, well, I actually quite like Randor. He's close enough to a Filmation Randor for me, which I always wanted as a kid, plus he has a certain Hugh Hefner vibe that really amuses me. "Lllllllladies…"

    I probably would have given him three or three-and-a-half ravens. But that's why I'm glad I have guest reviewers like Hellz Hoardax! His review is far more interesting than mine would have been, I think…

  3. Thommy/Uki

    Probably my least favorite figure. Also, not my favorite review-a bit too snarky and repetitive. (I get it; he can’t sit. Where would he sit anyway?) 🙂

  4. Dark Angel

    Well, at least Scott waited to release this practically worthless variant that hardly anyone anywhere ever requested until we had all the actual core characters from MOTU and POP.

    …oh, wait…

  5. I rarely read the MOTUC reviews, they bore me, but this one was nice, Hellz Hoardax. Perhaps because you didn't just heave mounds of praise upon a figure, that frankly, is pointless and underwhelming. Likewise your criticisms are all valid and not just random anti-Mattel stuff. It's a tightrope walk at times, but you nailed it.

    • So…do I heap mounds of praise or write random anti-Mattel stuff, since I (used to) write all the MOTUC reviews? 😉

    • Actually I was referring to MOTUC reviews in general, not necessarily yours. I'd have to go back and re-read some for an accurate answer to your question and I'm far too lazy to do that. Let's just say, both? 😉

    • _RZ_

      I don't think there are any reviews on this site for MOTUC that have mounds of unworthy praise, or illegitimate criticisms. Maybe on one or two reviews they go far into anti-Mattel territory- but I think at this point customers have earned the right to express their anger in public, even if it comes across poorly, if not to "vent" them, to warn others. They're cool toys that have big quality control and customer service issues. On IH it isn't all roses or piss there either, you tell it like it is too, so it's strange to hear you say that.

      This site by far is one of the more direct, honest out there. Sometimes a reviewer will heap praises and sometimes they bash endlessly. More often neither. It's never boring, at least to me. I like to see someone's honest impression of a toy, I have no use for someone angling for an industry job, internet nerdfame, promoting their events, or keeping their YouTube view count high.

      And they don't play around with the word "review" like many other sites do. The "what does review mean" feature Poe did here from a while back opens the doors on a lot of websites out there, and what they consider a "review" and what they consider a "look" and how freebies figure into the equation. Pretty shocking and sad some of the verbal gymnastics and dishonesty some grown intelligent adults will play around with to get free toys. Glad Poe – and the vast majority of guest reviewers – glad they aren't in that group.

    • I was joking about Poe, for the record. I like PG's reviews. I mostly tune out MOTUC reviews in general, but I read this one, liked it and thought I'd give some positive feedback.

    • _RZ_

      No worries. Sorry if I came across accusatory towards you Newton.

      I tune most of them out as well, for the reasons you cite. It's frustrating for the reasonably casual MOTUC fan like myself who likes to read about them, and check out cool pictures, or get general news… but not have to sort through seven pages of "I want Spirit Hordak now!" posts, hate filled rants because Dragstor or some other favorite D-lister isn't out yet, or people complaining about people complaining about people complaining. You, Poe, and Battlegrip are def the best out there as far as MOTU- and if you want an honest uncolored opinion on the hobby, really.

      And I miss all the Doctor Who reviews on Infinite Hollywood, by the way- you got me way into the classic line, thank you.

    • It's cool. I just wanted to make it clear I wasn't bagging on Poe or whatever. I think you and I are generally on the same page with this.

      As for the Doctor Who reviews, I really should do more of them. I have boxes and boxes of stuff I have sat aside to review, but never gotten around to. I appreciate the kind words!

    • Thanks Newton Gimmick! I really appreciate the positive feedback! It means a lot.

      I think I'm gonna quote your review of my review when I share this over on Facey B!

  6. Harrig

    Was it intentional that this review is just one article above the Burger King custom?

    • ridureyu

      But he IS the Burger King…

    • dayraven

      i thought the exact same thing. burger king of eternia! HE… HAS… THE WHOPPER!

    • I thought that too after I posted it, but it wasn't intentional, just serendipity.

  7. _RZ_

    Great review!

    I see where you're coming from on the "Randor always sits down" angle, but honestly none of the MOTUC figures with skirts or capes can properly sit. Plus, where would he sit? The throne of Grayskull is for Sorceress in Filmation.

    • Thanks _RZ_!

      To be fair, Queen Marlena can't sit down properly either unless she's in her Astronaut Suit. I'm going to stop work on my Filmation Accurate Eternos Palace Throne Room Diorama immediately!

      But where would he actually sit if he could? In actual reality? (Instead of my theoretical throne?)

      I absolutely have non-MOTUC approved seats he could use back at my lair. I am never going to be able to take that photo of King Randor having a tea party now. And that makes me Sadface.

    • _RZ_

      That's true, there are the Conan and Marvel Select thrones. I got the Conan one and couldn't get Vikor to sit very well on it, so I sold it off before I even bought any other figures to try with it.

      It would be cool if Mattel did some MOTUC thrones in the vein of the old Kenner Star Wars stuff like the Dewback or the tauntaun- a spring loaded door at the seat of the throne, with switchable fake bent legs for the front, and a slot in the back for the capes.

      That you can't do tea-time with Randor makes me sadface too, because I would love to see that! 😀

      Love your site by the way. I didn't put two and two together until just now.

  8. Monte

    How about an SDCC exclusive Randor with swappable sitting legs, like that Slave Leia figure from a few years ago?

    Great review, Poe. Very fun and engaging. I love when a review delves into the canonical context of a figure like this, especially when it’s done so humorously.

    • I appreciate the praise, but it should be directed to Hellz Hoardax, the author of the review 🙂

      I've got to make sure I start highlighting guest reviewers' names better.

    • Monte

      Sorry, Hellz! On my phone the Guest Review component was not visible.

      Hellz, this was the most fun I've had reading a toy review in quite some time.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Monte.

      They mean a lot.

      You can drop the Hellz if you like and just call me Hoardax. All my pals do.

      yr pal,


  9. Great review, although this is easily my least favorite figure in the entire line. He's just so….pointless and I really can't stand the yellow used for gold.

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