The Red Iron Photo Contest


Artist Adi Granov created one of the most iconic images of Iron Man ever for the cover of Invincible Iron Man 76/421 (March 2004). Four years later, the pose was recreated for marketing materials for the Iron Man film, which cemented its place in pop culture. In honor of Derek Zoolander, I’m calling this pose “Red Iron.”

Red Iron has become the go-to pose for showing off an action figure’s articulation. There are tons of photos of Iron Man figures in this position, but also plenty of non-Iron Man figures in this pose on the Web. Here are a few examples:



This gave me an idea for a contest. Submit your photos of various non-Iron Man figures doing Red Iron to Poe’s Pic of the Day Flickr group (if you don’t want to sign up for Flickr, you can also submit them to me directly at Doc Thomas (our current Pic of the Day curator) and I will choose our five favorites and they will be featured all next week on Pic of the Day, and the winners will each receive a Poe Prize. Contest ends at 11:59pm ET Friday, June 14 – all submissions posted or received after that will not be considered for the contest.

Pics will be judged on the accuracy of the pose/angle to the original images and any other elements you decide to use – i.e., choosing a really funny figure for the pose, adding some sort of amusing context or background, and so forth.


Pic of the Day > The Joker – The Dark Knight (TDKR) – Batman – Play Arts Kai by sir_winger


Pic of the Day > War Troll by ridureyu


  1. lol, having a lot of fun with this contest! should upload a bunch of pics tonight

  2. Harrig

    I can't get a Lego figure to do that!

  3. Bigbot

    Is that 11:59 eastern time?

  4. Though I have to give it to the Tick

  5. Brandon

    You posted this June 10th, and the contest ended last Friday?

  6. I’ve sent five in!

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