Mattycollector Sale Day – Clamp Champ, Icer, Nite Owl, NA He-Man, Freddy Freeman

Here’s the link to all-in-one order page.

Early Access: Thurs 7/11 at 8am PT thru Fri 7/12 at 8am PT (subscribers only)

  • Products Available: MOTUC Dragon Blasterâ„¢ Skeletor®, Granamyrâ„¢, and King Randor® (Filmation-style “Eternian Palace” King Randor® from 2012)

All Access Monthly Sale: Monday 7/15 9am PT

  • DCU Freddy Freeman (Club Infinite Earths figure)
  • MOTUC “New Adventures” He-Man® (Club Eternia® “quarterly” figure)
  • MOTUC Icerâ„¢ (Club Filmation monthly figure-first in the series!)
  • MOTUC Dragon Blasterâ„¢ Skeletor® (remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • MOTUC Granamyrâ„¢ (remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • MOTUC King Randor® (Filmation-style “Eternian Palace” King Randor® from 2012 – remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • Watchmen Nite Owl (Club Black Freighter figure)

Club Eternia® Subscriber-only Figure

  • MOTUC: Clamp Champ® (Club Eternia® monthly figure, shipped only to subscribers – he will not be sold 7/15 at


Interview > Andrew Franks, Design Manager at Boss Fight Studio


Tamashii Nations creating some badass effects parts for your figures


  1. misterbigbo

    I seem to think shipping's been about that much for a couple years now. . . but I don't clearly remember.

    On another note, I quickly contemplated getting a Dragon Blaster Skelly and modding him into a classic Skelly. But the Matty Essentials no longer has Skeletor. That makes sense. And when I perused the sale page for Dragon Blaster I noted the pic provided of the back of the toy is actually the vintage Dragon Blaster toy. That also makes sense, in a Mattycollector/Digital River/headupmyass kinda way.

    • RocketPunch

      Nope, that cardback pic IS the MOTUC version. The only thing reused from the 80s is on that little shield next to the bio, featuring vintage DB Skeletor artwork.

    • Bigbot

      He means that if you click on Larger Image, you get an image of the front of the figure, and the next image is of the back of the vintage figure for some reason.

  2. clark

    It has been a long time since I've ordered anything from Matty, but I'm interested in Icer. Has shipping gone up? It's saying $9.90 for a single figure.

    • clark

      Eh, it doesn't matter. I just can't bring myself to buy any of these. Both He-man and Icer seem kind of cool, but they are just not worth the money. Plus I still think it's lame that Clamp Champ is not available, so I don't want to reward that type of behavior by giving them money.

    • Shipping did go up a while back. As a bonus, it still takes twice as long as it should for the figures to get here.

      Thankfully I'm both a Filmation/MOTUC sub member and don't have to pay extra shipping on Icer… Oh wait, what's that? Yes, yes I do. MATTY!

  3. misterbigbo

    Since Matty has decided not to produce FILMation variants of He-Man or Skeletor or anybody else, there isn't anything left from this line I can foresee being interested in (I would buy a Battle Ram, however), so I have all but forgotten about sales days. I get an email thanks to my Watchmen sub, but otherwise my interest has waned. And now that I hop onto Mattycollector to check out what's for sale, I see just about everybody else's interest has waned as well.

    I look forward to SDCC coverage to see if He-Man's getting the boot to the back burner.

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